Highest distinction of Germany for committed humedica doctor: Dr. Günther Thomas has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

by Steffen Richter,  2012/05/02

“Exemplary", “selfless”, “humble”, “passionate”: the words used to describe the characteristics of Dr. Günther Thomas on this afternoon at the Alter Ratssaal (Old Council Hall) of the world-renowned spa town of Baden-Baden, could not have been chosen more adequately. For permanently living in accordance with the principles of charity, he has recently received the highest distinction that is awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany for merits for the common good.

District President Rudolf Kühner and the Lord Mayor of Baden-Baden, Wolfgang Gerstner, paid tribute to Dr. Günther Thomas for his commitment. Photo: humedica

Touching eulogies were given by the District President and the Lord Mayor in praise of Dr. Günther Thomas’ commitment, and also Bernd Herger, deputy CEO of humedica, expressed his appreciation for the exceptional honorary work of the retired internist.

Without doubt, his long professional life as a passionate doctor already was highly interesting and full of challenges. However, reading the biographical data that refers to Dr. Thomas Günther’s life after retirement is as thrilling as reading a piece by the legendary author Karl May.

For humedica alone, Thomas participated in missions in Malawi, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Haiti and Kosovo that often lasted several weeks. His first trip in 2003 even took him to Iraq. The overriding priority for the empathetic doctor always is: to offer targeted, sustainable aid to persons in existential misery. In doing so, he even considers his own needs to be negligible; a fact that was also pointed out by District President Rudolf Kühner in his speech: “He shuns neither dirt, nor poverty nor contamination.

Even before this event, the Lord Mayor of Baden-Baden, Wolfgang Gerstner, had already officially praised the “busy networker in the service of humanity” as a person his city could be proud of. And for Dr. Thomas a mission is not over after returning to his home country.

In the framework of numerous presentations and other events, the 77 year old doctor seizes every opportunity to collect money for projects. In this way, 13,000 euros could be sent to Sri Lanka, where the donations were used to buy new boats for affected fisher families after the devastating tsunami in 2004. Another 30,000 euros were donated by his Rotary Club in Baden-Baden for building new wells in Ethiopia.

Together with their teacher Taru Erlich of the Clara-Schuhmann School of Music, Uzu Hank (violin) and Christina Nowikow (piano and violin) provided a musical framework for the event. Photo: humedica

I would like to express the greatest and most sincere gratitude and award the highest distinction to you on behalf of those persons whom you helped, who received medical treatment and hence could be saved from damage to their health or even death”, said humedica representative Bernd Herger during his speech. At the same time Herger also thanked the doctor's family for letting him go so often.

A proper atmosphere for the award ceremony was not only granted thanks to its dignified location at the Alter Ratssaal or the presence of high-ranking political representatives like District President Rudolf Kühner and Lord Mayor Wolfgang Gerstner. Together with their teacher Taru Erlich of the Clara-Schuhmann School of Music, Uzu Hank (violin) and Christina Nowikow (piano and violin) provided a musical framework for the award ceremony that was outstanding both in terms of quality and atmosphere.

Dear Mr. Thomas, you have definitely earned this order of merit”, District President Rudolf Kühner concluded his speech. And humedica can hardly think of anything to add to this statement. We, too, would like to congratulate Dr. Günther Thomas to this order of merit, thank him for his unconditional commitment, wish him health, God’s blessings and protection and, of course, many more missions wearing our red vest.

Apart from political and other representatives, also Dr. Günther Thomas’ family was pleased about the honour. Photo: humedica

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