On World Hunger Day 2012

by Ruth Bücker, Stefanie Huisgen, Damaris Walter, 2012/10/16

A sense of emptiness in the stomach after getting up. A light stomach growling shortly before lunch break or a rumbling when diner is approaching. We feel hunger and react to it by buying food, preparing a warm meal or simply eating something. A luxury that is currently denied to about 870 millions.

868 millions of people worldwide are suffering hunger in this moment, are malnourished or undernourished. This is ten times as many children, women and men as live in the Federal Republic of Germany. An alarmingly high number, the extent of which is hard to imagine.

In the last decades, humedica repeatedly provided aid in areas where people where brought to their knees by a lack of food. With distributions of food and specific food supplements, medical care and sustainable measures aiming at education and the improvement of living conditions, humedica has been involved in a variety of countries and regions.

On the occasion of World Hunger Day we would like to report on some countries where humedica volunteers are (besides other reasons) working because of hunger.

BACKGROUND: Hunger means more than a growling stomach

What hunger is, its effect for the suffering people and what we can do. In this article (archive) you are going to find facts and statements about the health risk number one.


Niger: There are many Adamus…

For several years humedica has been standing up for the people in Niger that is affected by continuous hunger. One of the needy persons is Adamu, a boy Dr. Lothar Biskup met at his last mission.


Foto Gallery: Journey to Ethiopia, Niger and Kenya

Accompany us on a pictorial journey to three of the poorest countries worldwide, where humedica is fighting against life-threatening hunger and for the people in need.


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