20 tons of rice for a hospital in North Korea

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/03/23

Even during so-called good times, the population of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea has to face immense challenges in every-day life, as in one of the last communist countries of our earth they basically lack numerous essential goods.

Floods and typhoons damaged these corn fields and destroyed the harvest. Photo: alertnet.org/Tim Large

The people are threatened by structural poverty, above all in the rural areas of the country. There is a lack of raw materials and in some parts of the country access to electricity or running water is inadequate or only insufficiently provided.

And then there are the forces of nature, like the typhoons in summer, which are accompanied by heavy rainfalls, and freezing temperatures in winter. To complete this list, we can also mention the scarcity of and insufficient supply with food that have been a problem for years now and complicate and partly even threaten the people’s lives.

According to the World Food Programme of the United Nations, one in three children is affected permanently by hunger, mal- or undernutrition to a degree so alarming that the children are too small for their age. Also one in four nursing mothers is mal- or undernourished – and we can imagine the consequences for the infants.

In order to help above all those who are weakened by diseases, we offer support in the form of food supplies and together with a local partner of humedica we sent another relief good shipment, this time containing 20 tons of rice, to the DPR of Korea on March 23.

The nutritious staple will be provided to the hospital in Haeju (Hwanghae-namdo province), where ill children, women and men are offered medical treatment during their stay as in-patients. Thanks to the humedica shipment, these patients will regain new strength.

Haeju is a city of 222,396 inhabitants. It is located at the western coast of the country, 140 kilometres south of the capital of Pyongyang. Located at a distance of seven kilometres and half from the town is Mount Suyang, which is above all famous for of its cataracts. The water of Mount Suyang falls down over cliffs of a height of 128 metres and a breadth of twelve metres into the depths of a picturesque little lake.

The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Source: reliefweb.int/UNCS, Europa Technologies

On the mountainside itself, there is an old fortification built in the Goryeo Dynasty that can be visited by tourists. Sights in Haeju are an old stone cooling house (also built in the Goryeo Dynasty) and a pagoda of five floors. Haeju is an important traffic junction; above all companies in the cement and chemical industry have set up their businesses there (Source of information: Wikipedia).

Since 1998, humedica has been sending relief shipments with a value of more than one million euros to the DPR of Korea. Besides food, seeds or special additional food these shipments also contain drugs, sanitary articles, medical equipment and every-day necessities.

Please support us with your personal contribution so that we will be able to help the people in this country also in future.

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference “Famine relief North Korea
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren
      IBAN: DE35734500000000004747

In an even simpler, but just as secure way, you can also support us by means of sending a text message: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and your mobile bill will be charged with 5 euros. 4.83 euros of this amount will be used as a valuable contribution to our relief measures for people in misery. Thank you very much.

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