Thousands lose their homes due to flood disaster

Relaxation of the dramatic situation not yet in sight

by Damaris Walter,  2012/09/05

Immediate humanitarian aid offered by committed relief assistants and well-structured cooperation in the disaster area are the most important preconditions for a fast improvement of the situation in large parts of Niger, where thousands of people lost their homes after heavy rainfalls.

Due to the flooded streets (here: Kollo) every-day life has become an obstacle course for the people in Niger. Photo: humedica

What at first made the people hope – rain that seemed to promise a plentiful harvest - soon developed into a dramatic large-scale disaster. The Dosso region, in the very southwest of the country, was affected by the floods particularly hard.

Furthermore, also the adjoining Tillabéry region in the north, which is traversed by the Niger River, and the capital of Niamey and its surroundings experienced severe damage. A total of 400,000 people are affected, about 16,000 persons lost their homes and have been left destitute. The children in the affected regions cannot go to school due to the flood. Up to now, the flood disaster has claimed the lives of 52 persons.

Together with the partner organisation Hosanna Institut du Sahel, humedica supports 275 families, whose houses were devastated by the flood. The rice harvest has been destroyed completely due to the fatal water masses. 175 families are affected severely in Sarando, in the Tillabéry District north of Niamey.

The entire village was flooded, more than 2000 persons had to be evacuated. Another 100 families in the surroundings of the city of Kollo – a project location of humedica – south of the capital of Niamey, lost all their belongings, as well as their homes.

Every family is provided with millet, mosquito nets, blankets, plastic canvas and soap, so they will dispose of the bare necessities in the immediate future and be able to overcome the worst. Together with our partner Hosanna Institut du Sahel, humedica assists the “Complexe de Santé Hosanna” hospital in the city of Kollo. All planned relief measures are implemented in consultation with regional and local authorities.

Further rainfalls are to be expected, and therefore a relaxation of the situation is unfortunately not yet in sight. For this reason, we would like to ask you to continue to support our project by means of targeted donations also in future. The flood victims in Niger depend on your donations and are grateful for any kind of help.

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