A short preview of the new humedica homepage

by Stefanie Huisgen, 2012/05/12

April showers bring forth May flowers! The big day is approaching: we would like to present our new homepage design to you – by no means less informative, but featuring a new web design! And to prevent you, dear friends and sponsors of our work, to be taken by surprise by our new virtual appearance, we would like to make you familiar with it before its publication.

Our new start page

Above, you can gain a first impression of the new design of our start page! The clear structure makes it easier to focus on essential information and is intended to animate our visitors to read more about our relief measures.

As usual, the start page features a banner with video, audio and photo contributions. Below that is an overview of our current reports. Furthermore, by clicking on the link “Become a humedican” you will learn about the possibilities of assuming a personal commitment to support humedica.

Apart from that, our start page is equipped with another new feature: to find this, simply scroll down a little on the page and you will discover a world map showing all our project countries!

World map with project information

On this world map we have marked all the countries where we are running humedica relief projects. By clicking on a country, you will find a list of the individual project locations in the respective country.

By clicking once more on one of the project locations, you will learn more about the project duration, the kind of commitment, and you will be provided some background information regarding the work of humedica in this project.

Furthermore, you can learn more about the different fields of action of humedica. For this purpose choose the field “category” and you can for example read about the field of relief supplies and about the countries humedica is active in regarding this field.

Have a go and get informed about the numerous humedica relief projects! There’s a lot to learn!


Regular visitors to our homepage will immediately notice the different design regarding the presentation of our reports. The division of articles into project-specific and current reports has been replaced by consistent reporting according to years.

This design substantially facilitates the search for particular articles by date. At the same time our visitors are provided with an informative overview of the diverse commitments of humedica all over the world - close by and far away.

However, you can also still view all the articles referring to a particular project by means of clicking on the desired project on the world map. When you scroll down, you will find a list of reports referring to the respective project.

The countdown has started…

...and in a few days time you will be able to familiarise yourself with our new homepage! We are already looking forward to this moment!

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