The story behind the picture: barefoot through winter

by Janina Kosan/RBU,  2012/12/05

Many experiences in our lives are very special moments that leave behind their traces and remain in our memories for a long time. That can be moments linked to the current situation. But that can also be moments in which we relive numerous old memories that tell a story that goes far beyond one single moment. The story behind the picture about desperation and hope in winter – this time from Lebanon, written by our team member Janina Kosan.

“For me, this picture, more than anything else, is a symbol of the circumstances under which the Syrian refugees are forced to live in Lebanon. The little boy, Hassan, was presented to us together with his four siblings, when we visited his family at their house.

Their disease pattern was similar to the one of numerous other persons: fever, cough, five days spent with a running nose. And little wonder: for about one week temperatures at night have been falling continuously, above all in the mountains, and the refugees are living in brick shells – without windows and doors, floors, heating, warm water or even sufficient mattresses or blankets to keep them warm. Some of the children even lack shoes and socks. So does Hassan.

Now, after my return, I often think of the people: when I’m lying in my warm bed, taking a hot shower or when I’m sitting at a well-laid table, I remember the words of a family father who had to fly to Lebanon for the sake of his loved ones:

Sometimes the dreadful thought crosses my mind, if it wouldn’t be better to be dead instead of being unable to offer my family anything better than a life under these conditions.” And I pray that conditions will change soon and that during our mission we succeeded in giving the people there at least a little spark of hope.

The assessment team from Syria has returned to Germany once more. Unfortunately, the result of their journey is that the ongoing and unpredictable conflicts cause circumstances to be too dangerous to deploy honorary mission teams from Germany.

But nevertheless, humedica continues to offer medical help in the neighbouring country Lebanon and would therefore like to ask you for your support in form of a targeted donation which will enable us to provide our doctor teams with drugs and materials. Thank you very much!

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