Pursued by fear

by Daria Napieraj,  2012/10/05

For some weeks, a humedica medical team has been taking care of Syrian refugees in the valley of Bekaa, in the east of Lebanon. Media coordinator Daria Napieraj reports about current developments there.

„In almost all of the unofficial refugee camps, our team is asked right at the beginning not to take photos. The people there, especially the men who fought in the civil war, fear that they might be recognized on the photos and persecuted. Their fear is so deep-seated that even taking photos of the woman and children living in the camp is only allowed to us in case of exception.

The fear of war and persecution continues to be a constant companion of the Syrian refugees. They suffer from different traumata and nightmares. As a consequence, many children become bed wetters again. Often, they have not had any opportunity yet to cope with the great losses they suffered. There is barely a family who was not torn apart during the war or affected by the death of family members and friends.

Existential fears add to that since many families have lost everything they had in Syria or had to leave their home and their belongings i.e. all their means of livelihood behind. Now they live in scarcely furnished tents, densely packed together with other refugees. Food is relatively expensive and in the Bekaa plain there are not enough jobs for all. The situation is even intensified by the continuing flow of refugees.

32-year-old Fatma is one of the women who share such a hard fate marked by fear and losses. She is a single mother of four children. Her husband died a few weeks ago in the civil war and her house was destroyed. In fear of the continuous fighting she escaped from Syria with her children. Only a few days ago, they arrived in the camp and have been sharing a tent with another family since then. She doesn’t know how to provide for her children having neither work nor money. She has already given up the hope of a carefree future. She can’t see a way out. “God alone knows what’s going to happen with us.” she says and leaves the tent with her children.

We try, with all the means entrusted to us, to bring hope to the people in this seemingly hopeless situation. Bring hope to Fatma and many other people in Lebanon. Please help us, with a donation for Lebanon, so that this concern can lead to practical deeds of help. Thank you!

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humedica volunteers really sympathize with these people struck by cruel blows of fate giving them both physical and psychological help. Photo: humedica/Daria Napieraj.

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