The story behind the picture: Three little miracles make a great one

by Dr. Wolfgang Heide/RBU,  2012/09/18

There are many moments in life that are special, that remain in our mind and have an impact on our lives. These can also be moments in which many memories are bundled and that tell a story that goes far beyond the present moment. Like the story behind the picture of the three little miracles experienced by our medical volunteer Dr. Wolfgang Heide in Iran.

“In one of the remote villages, a 50-year-old woman came to us with a deep flesh wound on her hand. She had received the wound falling on a tent stake. Lacking the necessary material for stitching, members of the Red Crescent had only covered the wound with a plaster some hours before.

In these barren areas, people have to do hard physical work to earn their daily bread. Therefore the woman understandably seemed very desperate since she could not use her hand fully. Not to mention the question if this deep wound would heal by itself or result in a necrosis i.e. the death of the whole skin flap.

In spite of limited hygienic conditions I decided to attend to the wound with the support of our nurse Sabine Brehm and coordinator Dieter Schmidt who would never felt too good for any “minor tasks”.

The wound was cleaned, stitched and dressed. After that, we could only pray for the woman and hope that the wound would not get infected. We assumed that we would not meet our patient again since we were going to travel to many other villages to care for the people there.

Yet some days later, the little miracle happened: we saw the woman standing next to the road we were travelling along to get to another village. I would not have seen her, yet our nurse, Sabine, spotted her immediately and decisively asked the driver to stop. We changed bandages at the dusty roadside with the patient sitting on one of our boxes and the miracle continued. The wound was neither infected nor insufficient at any point.

Expressing her gratitude, our patient went away with her new bandage. We hoped that she would find someone able to remove the stitches.

Part 3 of our little miracle: some days later, we found the woman again at the roadside where she had probably been waiting for us. We could change bandages again and remove the stitches, the result was perfect. The woman can carry out her daily work again. With many gestures of gratitude, she said good-bye to us.

This is one of my and perhaps our common story behind these pictures.“

Please continue to support our aid measures in Iran, where we are currently focusing on the distribution of relief supplies. Thank you so much!

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