Lord Mayor Bosse invites to write an entry into the Golden Book of the Town of Kaufbeuren

by Stefanie Huisgen, 2012/06/22

For their visit at the humedica headquarters Dr. Emmanuel Célestin Goma-Foutou and Aklilu Tadesse chose a day of hot summery temperatures. In the framework of their stay, the two international guests also followed an invitation by Stefan Bosse, Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren, and wrote an entry into the Golden Book of the Town.

Dr. Goma-Foutou, former Minister of the Interior, is Head of the Prayer Breakfast of the members of parliament of the Republic of the Congo, and he had assisted the humedica relief teams during their mission in Brazzaville. Aklilu Tadesse works for the partner organisation Prison Fellowship International (PFI). Together with this organisation humedica runs joint missions at prisons all over the world. After successful cooperation with honorary teams in Congo, the two guests now wanted to get to know in person the full-time employees of the Allgaeu-based relief organisation.

Dr. Emmanuel Célestin Goma-Foutou writing an entry into the Golden Book of the Town of Kaufbeuren. Photo: humedica/Stefanie Huisgen

Following the morning service that is offered on a daily basis at the humedica premises, Dr. Goma-Foutou and Aklilu Tadesse were taken on a tour around the building and by means of talking to the various employees they had an opportunity of obtaining a more detailed insight into the organisation's operations. Afterwards, they in turn provided the entire humedica team with information regarding their own activities.

During his short presentation, Aklilu Tadesse at first passed on the words of the President of the PFI, Ron Nikkel, who thanked everyone for the good cooperation with humedica. Also Aklilu Tadesse could convince himself more than once of the successful cooperation of the two partner organisations. “We have been active together in many countries and have taken care of prisoners who don’t receive sufficient support by their governments”, reported the PFI representative, who lives in Washington DC, and added: "I myself already feel part of the humedica family."

As if to underpin his report, the native Ethiopian had travelled to Kaufbeuren directly from a prison mission in Beirut (Lebanon). With the country still being affected by the critical political situation that is currently prevailing, he emphasised the importance of the two organisations' joint efforts from a Christian perspective: “When we extend our hands towards people in misery and help them up, then we act on behalf of God." With more than 100,000 honorary employees the US organisation PFI is active in more than 124 countries of the world and - taking the various different time zones into account - actually 24/7."

The former Congolese Minister of the Interior, Dr. Emmanuel Célestin Goma-Foutou, who has made particular efforts to ensure the well-being of the explosion victims since the departure of the last humedica team members from Brazzaville, has brought some touching news. This news focuses on the two severely injured patients Bernard and Yvette. Unfortunately, his reports regarding their state of health were not entirely positive.

In any case, Dr. Goma-Foutou, who had already been active as ambassador for his country, was most outraged about the explosion at the ammunition dump. During his term of office as Minister of the Interior of Congo he had already pointed out the dangerous location of the ammunition dump in the capital's centre and had tried to move it to a new location outside the city – unfortunately without success and therefore fatal consequences. The explosion at the beginning of March had caused over 300 casualties, about 2,000 persons were injured, some of them severely, and thousands of persons lost their homes and are now living at emergency accommodations. Apart from offering medical aid, humedica also supplied 100 large tents for the accommodation of the homeless. These tents had been donated by the Swedish army via the partner organisation Scandinavian Children’s Mission.

Following an invitation by Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse (centre), the international guests Aklilu Tadesse (2nd from the left) and Dr. Emmanuel C. Goma-Foutou (2nd from the right) met with humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß (left) and his deputy Bernd Herger (right) at the Kaufbeuren Town Hall. Photo: humedica/Stefanie Huisgen

Therefore it is close to the heart of the Head of the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast of the Republic of the Congo to cooperate with humedica and to extend a helping hand to those in misery also in future. He considers these joint efforts to be a symbol of international understanding, which he would be pleased to intensify further.

Also the Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse, insisted on inviting the two high-ranking guests to a meeting at the Town Hall, in order to obtain more information about their activities. Furthermore, Dr. Goma-Foutou and Aklilu Tadesse were asked to write an entry into the Golden Book of the Town of Kaufbeuren; a privilege that gave a special status to their visit.

Following the reception, the guests were taken on a tour through the streets of Kaufbeuren, a town which had once been famous for its weavers, and they gained numerous impressions of the town’s historic development, climbed the campanile of the St. Martin’s Church, admired the antique relics at the Blasius Church and enjoyed a wide view over the beautiful historic quarter. Hence, the meeting between the guests and the humedica employees was an informative and instructive day for both sides.

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