International meeting of humedica country directors culminates in the „Open Day“

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/07/05

Their joint relief efforts brought them together and the desire to offer long-term support made them work side by side – though only mentally, not geographically. Since the foundation of humedica, long-term relief projects have developed in diverse countries all over the world, which are in the meantime headed by local humedica employees.

Visit us on our Open Day. We are looking forward to meeting you. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

Every two years, all humedica country directors meet and take advantage of the days of meeting in order to exchange experiences and information. They spend several hours together renewing friendships that have grown over the years and they plan and organise further charity in action. This year, the international meeting of international humedica country directors is going to take place in Kaufbeuren.

What is the situation like in Kosovo after the war and what has been done to offer help? What were the experiences of the humedica country directors in Sri Lanka during the Tsunami? What can we do to fight the famine in Ethiopia and why is relief aid necessary in Brazil, a country that is supposed to be well-positioned?

For questions like these and talks with both international guests and honorary and full-time humedica employees, for a look behind the scenes and meeting over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake or a sausage, we would like to invite you to our “Open Day” on July 14, 2012, starting from 9 a.m. at Goldstrasse, Kaufbeuren. This will also be the highlight of the international meeting of humedica country directors.

For more information about this day without borders, when humedica invites the world, please refer to the below PDF file, or contact the humedica employee in charge, Joachim Panhans (08341-966 148 46 or

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