humedica headlines November 2012

November 2012

by Ruth Bücker, Steven Hofmann, Stefanie Huisgen, Damaris Walter,  2012/12/04

+++ Newly equipped towards the title +++ A mix of recreation and commitment +++ Soft toys for humedica – how wonderful! +++ Show commitment with your donation for gifts +++ Elderly persons in colourful outfits +++

Newly equipped towards the title

This month, the humedica football teams from Debre Zeit and Mercato in Ethiopia were pleased to receive an extraordinary donation. The team of the Sports Club Untrasried from Bavaria donated a total of 30 complete football uniforms and several pairs of football shoes.

"The round thing needs to go into the square thing!" Thanks to the donated football uniforms and new footballs it will now be even easier to play according to this football wisdom of former German coach Sepp Herberger. Photo: humedica/Steven Hofmann

By means of another special donation we could furthermore provide the young athletes of the family sponsorship programme with new footballs.

The children living at the two project locations were absolutely delighted and immediately tried on their new uniforms. Now they are eager to present themselves in their new football shirts at their next training session. Newly equipped and hence well-prepared they intend to win yet another title soon.

Already last September, the young athletes proved their talent when they won a football competition at which they had to beat 30 or respectively 25 other teams before finally holding the winner’s cups in their hands.

Please assume a family sponsorship and contribute to supporting even more children and their parents. By donating only ten euros a month you can pave the way to a better life and accompany families on their path. Thank you very much.

A mix of recreation and commitment

This is not the first time the team of the Munich-based travelling agency camperboerse runs a donation campaign. Apart from offering well-earned holiday trips, the agency also shows commitment for charity purposes. Last year for each holiday booked, the travelling agency made a donation to humedica. Thanks to the great demand for motor caravan trips, 5,000 euros could be invested into famine relief projects in Africa.

And also this year’s special donation campaign in favour of humedica has potential for great results: “You travel – we help!” is the motto of the donation campaign, during which 10 euros of each holiday booked are donated to humedica. So far, 1,200 euros have been collected. In detail that means the following:

In the framework of the humedica family sponsorship programme a family of five can live on 50 euros a month. The parents receive support with finding a job, and they are provided with food, sanitary articles and every-day goods for their families.

Depending on their age, the children are given the opportunity to attend school or they are given a day-care centre place. Furthermore they are supplied with necessary materials and clothes and they can take additional tutoring lessons. Apart from that, they can spend their free time participating in effective leisure activities like sports, painting, dancing and singing.

Thanks to the support of camperboerse, one more Ethiopian family can be included in the humedica sponsorship programme for a period of two years. Two years during which both children and adults can count on advice and support and are given the chance to escape the vicious circle of poverty by means of targeted aid. At this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the camperboerse team.

Soft toys for humedica – how wonderful!

Every November the bazaar team from Sandsbach, a village with 430 inhabitants in the south of Regensburg, Germany, organises a toy bazaar. The twelve team members collect second-hand and well-preserved toys from children living in the region and then sell them on at their bazaar.

This year, however, the organisers collected not only second-hand jigsaws, dollies and toy cars, but also hundreds of soft toys for charity purposes. “We did some research on the internet on various non-profit campaigns for children and that was where we came across the humedica ‘Happy Teddy’ campaign”, explained Tanja Köglmeier.

In this way, they collected more than 800 soft toy animals, which were then taken directly to the humedica headquarters in Goldstrasse 8, Kaufbeuren, by a delegation of four members of the bazaar team. Safely packaged into a dozen of plastic bags, teddy bear and Co. reached their temporary destination and the transport team took advantage of the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of humedica. After all, they had not driven for three hours just to leave again immediately after delivering the soft toys.

We’ve acted as a collection point for the ‘Gift from the Heart’ campaign several times already, and it always was great fun”, reportet Claudia Köglmeier. Like her three team colleagues, she was enthusiastic about the dimensions of the Christmas gift campaign, which can be guessed when paying a visit to the warehouse stacked high with presents.

humedica would like to thank the organisers of the bazaar team Sandsbach, as well as all the children who donated a soft toy and by doing so will bring great joy to other girls and boys.

Show commitment with your donation for gifts

The “Gift from the Heart” Christmas gift campaign has almost reached this year’s peak: all the packages were collected from the diverse collection points and we are pleased to have received thousands of lovingly wrapped packages. Nevertheless, we have not yet reached the numbers of last year and we are still making up parcels at our warehouse.

We are happy about every single one of the affectionately wrapped packages, because we know that every single child who receives a gift will be overjoyed and delighted. Also this year, a huge number of compassionate persons contributed their presents to our campaign for children in misery. This commitment is above all visible at the humedica warehouse, which has turned into a huge Christmas package workshop.

Even now, after the last collections tours, you can make a contribution and surprise a child with your gift: we would still like to ask you for donations for gifts from the heart. A donation of ten euros will enable our honorary assistants at the humedica headquarters to make up a Christmas present for another child. So by means of further donations and thanks to your compassion we still have the opportunity to distribute presents to even more children.

Please bring joy to yet another child who has nothing else by means of surprising it with a Christmas gift for only ten euros: transfer your donation to humedica e. V., account 47 47 of the Sparkasse Kaufbeuren (Bank Code 734 500 00), quoting the donation reference “Gift from the Heart” and you will have made one child happy.

The beauty of advanced age in the limelight

What young models can do, elderly persons have been able to do for a long time – that is the message communicated by the photos of a new exhibition. In a highly charming and humorous way and at the same time applying the principles of modern aesthetics, photographer Stefan Radinger from Kempten created an art form that is quite unique.

Travel through time together with the models of the Pro Seniore Residenz in Kempten. Graphic design: private/Axel Deisting and Stefan Radinger

His photos show elderly persons from their most beautiful or humorous, but in any way their most extraordinary side and they are the stars of his pictures. Now their portraits will go on tour, and part of the takings will be passed on to humedica.

The basic idea of the professional shooting was to create a calendar for the new year, showing photos of the inhabitants of the residence for the elderly. Twelve elderly persons of the Pro Seniore Residenz Kempten were enthusiastic about this idea and eagerly awaited the shooting session. However, the models were quite surprised when, on the great day, they were invited to an opticians, where they had a professional make up done and were equipped with sun glasses ranging from funny to curious and ended up standing in the flashing lights of the cameras. To make their waiting time more comfortable, they were invited to a glass of sparkling wine.

It was great fun and I would do it again anytime!“ answered one of the models cheerfully when asked what the shooting was like. The shooting session was held under the motto “Looking back into future” and the highly amusing results, which really are well worth seeing, were not only processed into a calendar, but also went on a touring exhibition to be shown at various hospitals, homes for elderly citizens and even at trade fairs.

When voting for a non-profit organisation to whom they wanted to donate part of the takings of the calendar sale, the elderly models decided on humedica. Therefore, one euro of each calendar sold will be donated for the international project work. At this point we would like to thank all those involved for their commitment.

The photo exhibition can be seen at the Klinikum Kaufbeuren until February 28, 2013. Further exhibition dates and places are: March 3 – April 30, 2013, Klinikum Obergünzburg; May 03 – June 13, 2013, Klinikum Buchloe; June 15 – 30, 2013 Kempten - Pro Seniore Residenz; July 03 – August 30, 2013, Rehaklinik Sonthofen; September 03 – October 30, 2013, Klinik Marktoberdorf and November 03 - December 30, 2013, Klinikum Füssen.

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