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by Ruth Bücker,  2012/06/27

+++ Help as an item of the Eggenthal theatre programme +++ The headquarters is the heart of all relief measures +++ A story about helping +++ MERING Aktuell for more hope +++

Help as an item of the Eggenthal theatre programme

„Jagdfieber“ (hunting fever) was the name of the play performed by the theatre group Theatergruppe Eggenthal for charity purposes. At the beginning of the year Hermann Hofmann, member and spokesman of the ensemble from the Allgaeu region, asked his fellow actors to support charity purposes and to perform in order make a change.

Therefore, in February and March of this year the amateur actors invited numerous guests to attend their play at the Friedenslinde inn, and the takings for food and service were then donated to the Chief Executive Officers of the two relief organisations Mercy Ships and humedica. The substantial total sum of the collection amounts to 4,500 euros.

This was possible, because the entire serving staff worked on an honorary basis", told the spokesman of the Allgaeu theatre group, who proudly passed on the thanks of Udo Kronester (CEO of Mercy Ships) and of humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß. "On the one hand this sum will contribute to promoting medical care for ill and needy patients on board of the hospital ship 'Africa Mercy'. And on the other hand we can also support acute medical treatment in the disaster and conflict areas which is offered by humedica doctor teams”, explained Hofmann.

The share of 2,250 euros, which was donated to humedica, will be used for the project work in Kollo, Niger. Since 2008, humedica and its partner organisation have been running a hospital in the West African country, which provides medical treatment and hope to thousands of people.

At this point we would like to thank the Theatergruppe Eggenthal and all those who contributed to this fantastic campaign, which helps us fight illness and helplessness.

The headquarters is the heart of all relief measures

Although it is not the most obvious form of aid, the donation in kind which has lately been made by the Avery Zweckform company nevertheless grants great support for the humedica relief measures. A product package of a value of 7,000 euros was handed over by Product Manager Carolin Wild and Marketing Director Andreas Meyer, who told us the details about their company's motivation for this donation:

Social commitment is an important element of our company philosophy, as responsibility towards our fellow humans and society is very close to our hearts. Supporting regional relief organisations is a particularly fascinating possibility of making a contribution to the global aid missions for people in misery."

And those words by Andreas Meyer were also highly appreciated by Clemens Matern, the humedica employee in charge: “Here at humedica, we are very pleased and grateful for this donation, which has been made to support internal work at our headquarters. Any kind of contribution helps us to offer targeted aid.

And this targeted aid always starts at the headquarters, the heart of any relief measures taken. Of course, it is beyond question that we would not be able to support children, women and men in need without the honorary commitment of the humedica doctors. But also the employees at the headquarters are an essential and driving force and it is in their name that we would like to express our thanks to the Avery Zweckform GmbH at this point.

A story about helping

This is a story about the joint efforts of several agents and numerous helping hands, which were brought to a successful and satisfying end at the end of May. Everything began with Dr. Peter Zwack, who had come to know humedica during the doctor training and had then decided to take part in a mission.

After his return from the relief mission for the inmates of Sudanese prisons, the dentist told his family, friends and acquaintances about his impressive experiences and the misery he had encountered. Among them were some employees of the LeitWerk GbmH, a Munich-based engineering agency.

Already for some time, management and employees had planned to assume a commitment for charity purposes in the framework of a "social day". After some research, they decided to offer their support to the humedica relief organisation. The relief campaign was complemented by a donation of furniture which had been initiated and prepared for collection by the Willi-Graf grammar school in Munich.

On the above-mentioned social day, the committed assistants of LeitWerk loaded and unloaded the donated tables and chairs on and off the lorries and transported them to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, from where they will soon be sent on to partner organisations in Eastern Europe and to the humedica school in Sri Lanka.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those involved for their commitment and their active support thanks to which 400 children will soon be able to learn in an appropriate environment.

MERING Aktuell for more hope

Also after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the registered association MERING Aktuell had supported the relief measures in Haiti with a generous donation of 2,000 euros. Two years later, the members of the association once more approached humedica with a collection they had made for charity purposes.

The Members of the Board and submitters of the donation Uwe Steinbrecher and Eugen Beck said that although more than one year had passed since the disaster in Japan, they had not yet forgotten the alarming pictures of it and the fact that the people still depended on external help. And in order to offer this help, MERING Aktuell e.V. donated 1,000 euros for reconstruction measures in northeast Japan.

humedica would like to thank the about 100 companies from the administrative district of Mering, who called for donations, and also the numerous donors. With their social commitment within and also beyond the borders of their own community, the members of the association set an example which is worth following. Thank you very much.

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