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Januar 2012

by Stefanie Huisgen, Sebastian Meitinger,  2012/01/20

+++ Small cent amounts sum up to a substantial donation +++ A good bet for charity purposes +++ Donation race for Brazil at the Intermediate School of Zirndorf +++ Christmas concert raises support for East Africa+++ Support for fast and sustainable disaster relief aid +++ Generous donation from the region for children’s village in Brazil +++

Small cent amounts sum up to a substantial donation

Already in 1988, the employees of the town of Kaufbeuren had an exemplary idea for colleting donations for charity purposes: every year the cent amounts of their monthly net salaries are collected on an extra account and at the beginning of the year the total sum is donated to a relief organisation.

humedica employee Clemens Matern accepts the donation from Christa Schönhaar at the town hall of Kaufbeuren. Photo: humedica

Last year, most of the town’s employees joined the “decimal amount” campaign, and they collected 3,272 euros for social and non-profit purposes. They contributed 2,000 euros to the relief measures of humedica.

This time we wanted to support the relief projects of an internationally active organisation based in our region and therefore we decided for humedica”, explained the chairperson of the staff council, Christa Schönhaar, when handing over the donation. “With our donation, we would like to help, where further support is needed.

humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the employees of the town of Kaufbeuren for this friendly contribution by its home town!

A good bet for charity purposes

Another idea with a potential for imitation was realised by the football betting society headed by Christian Vogt and Michael Muhl. For three years, the two friends from Bielefeld and Rheda-Wiedenbrück have been running a football prediction game in return for some fees, and the respective winners are to donate the takings to a charity organisation of their choice.

At the beginning of the Bundesliga season, every participant makes their prediction regarding what the table will look like after the 34th match day. The stake is 30 euros and is collected in a donation pot”, Christian Vogt explained the rules of the game. During the past match season, 27 friends participated in the game – and the lucky winner was the managing director of the company Beschläge Koch GmbH, Hans-Peter Koch.

Hans-Peter Koch personally rounded up the total sum of 810 euros, and with his total donation of 1,000 euros he would like to support the humedica relief project in Tapio (Haiti). There, humedica is currently running a building project for the reconstruction of two orphanages, which were destroyed by the heavy earthquake in January 2010.

On their journey to the football championship in South Africa, some of my betting colleagues had the idea of donating the winnings for charity purposes”, said the SC Freiburg fan regarding the motivation for the donation. “For their future work in their relief projects, I wish humedica every success.

humedica would like to thank Hans-Peter Koch, as well as his fellow players, for their support of the relief measures in Tapio, and wishes the friends al lot of fun and good luck also for the current football season.

Donation race for Brazil at the Intermediate School of Zirndorf

It probably was one of the most athletic days of the past summer at the Intermediate School of Zirndorf. On June 22, lessons were relocated to the sports grounds for an entire day. During a donation race for charity purposes, about 480 students made more than 1,900 rounds. With 1.3 kilometres per round, this amounted to a total distance of 2,470 kilometres!

Every student who ran five rounds was rewarded with ice cream – therefore, and for charity purposes, the students gave their best! Photo: Intermediate School of Zirndorf

It was a great day and the students had a lot of fun”, told the initiator of the race, Ms Langer, proudly. “The best students ran far more than 20 rounds”. As additional incentive, the young racers were rewarded with ice cream for every 5th round; this also helped them to cool down quickly after their endeavours.

The substantial donation of 2,550 euros will be used for supporting the humedica children’s village in Nova Friburgo. humedica would like to thank all those involved in the donation race for their amazing athletic commitment and looks forward to meeting again this year.

According to the organisers of the event, another donation race is planned to take place in May of this year. The students are determined to exceed the results of last year. This highly motivated objective is evidence of admirable athletic ambitions and of an unceasing willingness to live charity in action!

Christmas concert raises support for East Africa

On December 23, 2011, the folk band Musikkappelle Engetried invited to their traditional Christmas concert at the parish church of St. Blasius. Together with the Günztaler Alphornbläser, the men’s choir from Rettenbach at the Auerberg and deacon Helmut Brechtold, the musicians made the audience forget their stress and worries in the busy time before Christmas and gave them an hour of tranquil relaxation.

But nevertheless, the initiators still succeeded in prompting their audience to sing along with pieces such as “Silent Night, Holy Night”. And the concert had another positive side effect: the Musikkapelle Engetried asked their audience kindly to make a donation for the humedica relief measures at the Horn of Africa.

It is particularly close to our hearts to know that our help is received by those who need it”, explained the chairman of the musical society, Christian Engel, when handing over the donation.

Thanks to the voluntary and generous donations of the church goers, 965 euros could be collected for the humedica relief projects in East Africa. At this point, humedica would like to thank all the concert guests, as well as the initiators for their willingness to make donations and their great social commitment.

Support for fast and sustainable disaster relief aid

Whether we are talking about floods, earthquakes or famines: in the event of a disaster humedica is renowned for offering fast aid at the mission location. The organisation has managed to maintain this characteristic for 32 years – and in this way has been able to relief lots of persons from their misery.

Also the Steca Elektronik GmbH is aware of “how important fast and effective aid is at the disaster locations in the affected regions – and for exactly this reason we’ve made our donation to humedica.” The company maintains business relations on an international level and is specialised in the field of solar technologies. The provider of electronic services would like to support the relief measures of humedica with 3,000 euros.

When the donation cheque was handed over to humedica employee Clemens Matern, Steca CEOs Peter and Michale Voigsberger explained: “We support humedica, knowing that the donated money will reach those whose misery is worst.humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to Steca Elektronik for their financial support, as well as for the trust they put into our fast, sustainable and efficient disaster relief aid.

Generous donation from the region for children’s village in Brazil

Also Thomas Hübner, an entrepreneur from Marktoberdorf, showed great enthusiasm for the humedica relief measures. The managing director of a medium-sized plastics company supported the organisation with a generous donation of 5,000 euros, which will be used for a project in Brazil.

For Thomas Hübner, an entrepreneur from Marktoberdorf (right), it is a matter of course to help people in misery. Photo: humedica

When handing over the donations to humedica employee Joachim Panhans, the successful business man emphasised that to him helping his fellow human beings was a matter of course: “We are very well-off, here in Germany, and I think it of essential importance that we should not forget those who are faced with immense poverty, diseases or wars every day of their lives.

This is not the first time that his company made a donation of this dimension and for this purpose. Once more, the donation is to be used for the benefit of the humedica children’s village in Nova Friburgo. Furthermore, Thomas Hübner intends to repeat his commitment annually.

humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß was very grateful for the social commitment shown by the Marktoberdorf-based company: “This kind of aid is a wonderful gift for the project in Brazil, since it provides us with a higher level of security in planning. Basically, our work for people in misery would not be possible without this kind of support, and therefore we are deeply grateful.

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