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Dezember 2012

by Damaris Walter,  2012/12/28

+++ Congo: Further training for local staff +++ Make way for “Grumi“! +++ Company from the Allgäu donates for education in Sri Lanka +++ Charity concert for the benefit of humedica +++ Company from Kaufbeuren sponsors an Ethiopian family +++ Romania: “Advent calendar from the heart“ for 13 plus +++ Öchsle GmbH for humedicahumedica for the world +++

Congo: Further training for local staff

When in spring 2012 explosions in the ammunition dumps of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, claimed the lives of 200 people, left more than 2000 injured and about 15.000 homeless, the humedica disaster team was facing a challenge.

Especially the physicians and nurses had their hands full. Though they did not even have sufficient wound care supplies and pain medication available, several humedica teams untiringly cared for the injured.

Yet the temporary and long-term aid projects by German volunteers still leave the Congolese in a state of dependency. In order to change this, further training for the local staff is extremely important.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres, a surgeon and experienced humedica volunteer, who was himself a member of the untiring aid teams after the explosions of Brazzaville, recently organised some further training courses for Congolese who work in the medical field. In the long term, better training will reduce their dependency on help from outside.

At this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr Domres for his tireless and personal commitment for humedica and for the African continent!

Make way for “Grumi“!

A 7.5-tonner arrives at the humedica headquarters in order to deliver exactly one donation in kind. Without the truck, however, the transport of this device from A to B would barely have been possible. Thanks to GRUMA Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH [GRUMA company for utility vehicles], humedica is happy about a brand-new, electrical forklift truck!

As the enormous truck leads you to suspect, the delivery of this unspectacular, yet important device was relatively complicated. Such a costly product is no trifle and is usually not in the budget of a donation-based organisation like humedica.

All the greater is our gratitude when we receive donations in kind like this important device from companies or private persons! What may seem a trifle can be a big benefit. A good infrastructure – also in the storehouse - is necessary to make procedures go smoothly and deliver aid as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are very happy that “Grumi”, the fork truck, has found his new home in Goldstraße 8 in Kaufbeuren.

Our heartfelt thanks go to GRUMA and all those who, by making financial donations or donations in kind, make the worldwide aid work of humedica possible.

Company from the Allgäu donates for education in Sri Lanka

humedica is very pleased about the donation from a wood construction company based in the Allgäu (Bavaria): The company SEMA GmbH, a software producer for the development of wood construction software from Wildpoldsried in the Allgäu recently donated 2.500 euros for a school project in Sri Lanka.

The company’s wish is that the donation will be used specifically for an educational purpose, namely to support a preschool in the north of Sri Lanka, on the peninsula of Jaffna. The “International School of Manipay” (ISM) has been run by humedica since 2006.

The ISM was the first comprehensive school of this kind in the north of Sri Lanka and offers children high-qualified education ranging from preschool to the A-Levels.

At the International School of Manipay, 585 pupils learn for their life. Most of the pupils were affected by the far-reaching consequences of the civil war and the tsunami disaster.

With 20-25 pupils, the classes are only half the size as the classes of other schools, which facilitates individual support for every child.

The preschool “Angel International School”, which recently received the donation from the Allgäu-based company, is part of this big school project as well.

Heartfelt thanks to SEMA GmbH for their great support benefitting the preschool in Sri Lanka.

Charity concert for the benefit of humedica

For a charity event benefitting humedica, La vida con dios, a group associated with the parish community of Stauden, organised a prayer for peace and a concert in the church of Langenneufnach.

That evening, the band Common Voices sang and prayed for peace. In addition to singing and praying, the singers wanted to promote peace by making a donation and making deeds of concrete humanitarian aid possible in this world.

The event “Songs for Peace” has been organised for many years. “This year we would like to pass the donations on to humedica so that your organisation can create a piece of peace in the world”, says Christine Weiß-Deuringer, a member of La vida con djos.

About 420 euros were raised at the charity concert and were passed to humedica. We would like to say thank you to the parish community of Stauden, La vida con djos and the band Common Voices for your commitment and the generous donation of the proceeds of the concert!

Company from Kaufbeuren sponsors an Ethiopian family

Family sponsorships are a beautiful, personal and efficient way of helping. This was realised by the family running the company Neumann Mineralöle: With a donation of 1000 euros, managing director Dieter Neumann from Kaufbeuren will sponsor the life of an Ethiopian family for two years.

The family of the family sponsorship programme in Addis Ababa: Mother Tilaye Gelaw, daughter Ezrawit Nega, son Abreham and grandchild Hilina Behailu are grateful for the possibility of a new beginning thanks to their humedica sponsors. Photo: humedica.

Addis Ababa: Life is hard for the family of four living in the quarter of Kazanchis. The mother, Tilaye Gelaw is out of work and tries to sell Injera (Ethiopian pancake shaped bread) in order to provide her mentally ill daughter Ezrawit Nega, her 14-year-old son Abreham and her little grandchild Hilina Behailu with the most basic necessities.

No water, no toilet of their own, no electricity – to us in Germany, hard circumstances like these are barely imaginable. Thanks to the family sponsorship programme of humedica, the family receives basic medical treatment for free and is supported with basic foods, sanitary products and money so that Tilaye can open her own shop and will soon stand on her own feet and be able to provide for her family.

With their donation of 1000 euros, the company Neumann Mineralöle will support the Gelaw family for 25 months. Thank you so much for that!

You, too, can become the sponsor of a family in Ethiopia, Brazil, Sri Lanka or Haiti and make a better life possible for them! More information about family sponsorships can be found here.

Romania: “An advent calendar from the heart” for 13+

Too old to receive presents? – Not at all. Thanks to a big donation of advent calendars of the brand Rosengarten, 4.800 teenagers from Romania happily received 24 chocolate doors each!

At the beginning of December, about 10.000 “gifts from the heart” were distributed to happy 2-12-year-olds in the area of Dorohoi. Thanks to a generous donation in kind by the company Minderleinsmühle GmbH & Co. KG, which goes back to the 13th century and also owns the brand called Rosengarten, the elder children received a present as well.

Rosengarten, as part of a leading health food producer, is specialised in cereals and confectionery. Among other products they offer advent calendars, 4.800 of which were donated to humedica.

These Romanian girls and boys are used to not having much – let alone sweets. Yet now, they would be able to enjoy a piece of high-quality chocolate every day till the 24th of December.

We are happy about this sweet donation as well and would like to say thank you to Minderleinsmühle GmbH & Co. KG! This gesture not only made the Advent season sweeter for these children but also showed them that somebody was thinking of them. Giving and helping is practised charity and this is the idea behind “Gifts from the heart”.

Öchsle GmbH for humedica – humedica for the world

A donation of 5.000 euros to humedica with the reference “To use where most urgently needed” – for humedica this is a beautiful demonstration of the trust that so many faithful old and new supporters have in our work.

The Günzburg-based company Öchsle Display Systems donated this generous amount leaving the use of it totally to humedica. Non-specific donations like these are as important as specific donations for single projects, especially to cover the expenses for long-term aid projects.

Private donors and companies like Öchsle GmbH, who not only want to help but turn this will into active deeds of help, make the worldwide humanitarian aid of humedica possible. Heartfelt thanks to all of you! Your donation is help that really makes a difference.

If you would like to offer help to people and donate to humedica, you can either make a specific donation for a specific project or project country or a non-specific donation to the account indicated below.

Thank you so much for your charity, your trust and your help!

      humedica e. V.
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

      SWIFT-Code: BYLA DE M1 KFB
      IBAN: DE39 7345 0000 0000 0472 58

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