Be it driving, packing or enveloping: our honorary assistants can be relied on

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/04/24

Be it driving someone to the airport in the middle of the night or doing office work during the day; be it during our Christmas gift campaign “Gift from the Heart”, a disaster situation or in normal every-day life; in any weather conditions and at any time of day or night the humedica team can count on numerous honorary assistants, who support them with all kinds of tasks that need to be done at and around the headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

The humedica warehouse was well occupied, when we provided a look back and some future prospects with regard to the results that have been achieved together. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

The work our honorary assistants do is incredibly important and there are many things we could not even manage without them, not to mention reacting as fast as we can right now with their help”, emphasises humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß.

Within less than one hour there are drivers ready to take staff or material to a German airport in the event of a disaster. If there is a need for assistants to pack large relief shipments, personal plans for the weekend are often simply put aside. And the assistants even postpone their own appointments in order to collect donated materials.

Always working for charity purposes, the almost 500 honorary assistants are an important pillar of the work of humedica, as they substantially contribute to the fast and smooth implementation of relief measures and the low administrative expenses. Therefore, it is a particular concern to us, the humedica team, to thank all these women and men.

For this reason, we organise the so-called honorary assistants’ meetings twice a year, in spring and autumn. These meetings are to demonstrate our acknowledgement and thanks for the honorary commitment. Apart from a joint dinner, we also provide a look back onto the results that were achieved during the past months, general information about the projects and future prospects on the tasks and aims that will make the help of our honorary employees necessary.

Besides these presentations of the humedica employees in charge, this time particular attention of the 150 participants was focussed on the reports of five honorary assistants who had travelled to Ethiopia some weeks ago and who told about the impressions they had gained of the humedica family sponsorship programmes.

It was a very successful evening and I am really pleased that so many of our assistants attended the event”, says Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche happily, who is responsible for communication and coordination with honorary employees. “By means of this evening, we can at least express our thanks to our honorary assistants”.

Be it at the warehouse or at the office, for drives or during events like the Bürgerfest town festival: the honorary assistants are an important pillar of the work of humedica. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already realised that “[…] truthful gratitude cannot be expressed with words”. But we hope that by means of our recent honorary assistants’ we at least managed to demonstrate to some extent the importance of the commitment of all our honorary employees.

If you too would like to assume an honorary commitment, please contact Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche under telephone number +49 (0)8341 – 966 148 80 or write her an email: We are looking forward to your support!

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