Thanks to special donations, future begins today

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/07/09

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the young musician Quirin Kampfhammer wanted to help the affected families. His wish was to take a plane with doctors, nurses, drugs and other relief goods to the severely affected Caribbean state.

Although the charity concert that took place in Wörth in Lower Bavaria and was organised by Quririn, his mother and further committed assistants did not yield enough to finance a complete relief plane, the nevertheless impressive and touching donation sum that had been collected at the end of the evening has enabled many families to begin a new life - and to laugh again, just as the initiator, who was eleven years old back then, had intended.

Thanks to free performances by bands such as e.g. the Austrian trio “Zillertal Pur” and to donated tombola prizes, takings for food and drink and donations made during the event, the final takings of the charity concert that took place under the motto “A Herzerl für Kinder” (A Heart for Children), amounted to almost 19,000 euros. A sum that allowed us realise numerous relief measures both in Brazil and in Haiti.

Dream revived and realised

Numerous beneficiaries of the Sponsorship Programme in Haiti were given the opportunity of attending school and hence we paved their way into future. After the immediate disaster relief, this is a path humedica walks down together with those affected and focuses on long-term and sustainable results.

Her dream and also her hopes for a better future were buried by the rubble. Now, she can smile once more and continue her training as a nurse. Photo: humedica/Maren Kuchler

This does not only comprise school attendance at schools that can be compared to our primary and secondary schools, but it also includes further training, as is shown by the story of the Haitian woman Marie-Yolaine. During the devastating earthquake in 2010, the young woman, who now is 30 years old, was severely injured by falling rubble. Furthermore, the earthquake deprived the young woman and her family of all their belongings, their home, and caused them to slide into misery.

When meeting cheerful Marie-Yolaine two years and half after the devastating disaster that had changed her life, you can find no traces - at least not externally - of the fears and the traumatic experiences of the past: she attends physiotherapy regularly, which is organised and run by humedica, and she and her family members are participants of the Sponsorship Programme.

However, what is a special highlight of support for her and always makes her smile, are her future perspectives: immediately after the earthquake she had to give up her wish to become a nurse due to her physical and financial problems. Thanks to a special donation, she is now able to resume her training as professional nurse and hence she can continue to live her dream, which she adhered to despite the natural disaster.

A shop for everyone in nowhere

Another, just as sustainable and no less efficient form of aid is the provision of start-up capital. For women and men who have slid into misery with no fault of their own, and who depend on external aid, personal start-up capital means an opportunity to begin future even today.

This refers to a form of relief assistance that provides some initial financial support to those affected with the objective of helping them become independent once more. They will not depend on charity all their lives, but they and their families are given the opportunity of returning to an independent life by means of their own efforts.

An extension to her tent that allows Orpheline and her family to live independently and is their basis of existence.

Orpheline has been given this opportunity and she has taken advantage of it for herself and her family. Being left homeless after the earthquake, she and her husband and their three daughters moved to a piece of land on the outskirts of the ruined city of Port-au-Prince, which the government had released for the earthquake victim.

A tent in nowhere was their new home and the accommodation for numerous affected persons. At first, there were no shops and the trip into the city was long and hard. Unsatisfied with this situation and highly motivated to do something for the benefit of herself and her family, Orpheline used the humedica start-up capital to set up an extension to her tent and her own small business.

The budget was taken from the donations of the charity concert, and together with the young woman humedica calculated an amount that was sufficient to buy cold drinks and tins, rice, coal, ingredients for self-made peanut butter and further food and goods, which she now sells to the neighbours who live in the tent city that has been set up.

Her business has had a good start, day by day Orpheline can provide better for herself and her family, and her hopes, which seemed to be absolutely unreachable immediately after the earthquake, have returned.

We give hope – and tangible aid

Setting up a business and having access to training and further training are the foundations of a life in independence. The opportunity of rebuilding a life that is in ruins. The prospect of making one’s way into future with less and less external help. All this was only possible thanks to individual special donations in the framework of the Family Sponsorship Programme or special campaigns such as the above charity concert.

At this point we would like to thank you for all this help and ask you to continue your support for the participants of the sponsorship programme in the form of targeted donations.

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