Giving something back as a nurse

by Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel/RBU,  2012/02/29

Some of you, dear friends and sponsors, might already know Murielle Christian. During the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, the young women not only lost both her parents, but also her left leg. Since then, she has undergone several surgeries, as the stump caused her severe pain.

In Port-au-Prince, humedica employee Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel asked Murielle about her past and about her dreams and plans for the future.

The brave and strong-minded Murielle during one of her regular massages. Photo: humedica/Sandra Schuckmann-Honsel

“Three times a week, Murielle’s workout plan contains 45 minutes of numerous exercises. Three months have passed since her last surgery, which was successful, and currently the young woman is waiting for a fitting prosthesis. However, before she will be able to make use of it, there is still a lot of work for her to do.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 21-year old woman meets humedica physiotherapist Kodjo Kpatanyo Anani, who helps her build up muscles and prepare her leg stump for the prosthesis. “I know that the exercises are necessary. But every time someone exerts pressure on the stump, it still hurts a lot.” admits Murielle.

After the amputation her life changed completely, but nevertheless she does not give up. She tries to manage as many things on her own as possible. Actually, she lives together with a former neighbour, who takes care of her. “But I do the housework alone”, she says with self-confidence and also some pride.

The housework includes daily tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning, which are fairly difficult to handle in her situation, above all, as there is no running water in the house. Water needs to be fetched from a nearby well and then carried up to the first floor in buckets.

On some days this works well. But sometimes, Murielle cannot find the strength for it. She is confident in her own abilities, sometimes even so confident that her neighbour is afraid that she could overdo it.

Murielle not only dreams of being able to walk again, but also of making an apprenticeship. She is aware of the fact that a good education is indispensable for this purpose. Before the earthquake she did not attend school regularly, because her parents did not have enough money to pay for the school fees.

Be it individual case aid or a family sponsorship: thank you very much for your support and for the fact that thanks to your help we can provide future perspectives to persons like Murielle. Photo: humedica/Antonie Riesen

As soon as she has her prosthesis, her next objective is to work hard for her education and then to make an apprenticeship. “Maybe as a nurse”, she says when I ask her what she would like to work as. During the past few years there had been so many people taking care of her health and welfare that she thinks it would be nice to be able to give some of what she has received back at some point.”

Murielle is one of the beneficiaries of the Family Sponsorship Programme in Haiti and apart from food she also is provided with the opportunity of advancing her education. She is a patient of the Prosthetics and Orthotics Centre of humedica and thanks to the humedica individual case aid financial means could be collected to cover the costs of the pain-relieving and necessary surgeries.

Parts of the takings of the large-scale charity concert of the friends’ association “A Herzerl für Kinder” (A Heart for Children), organised by the family of “Gstanzl Quirin” and the humedica doctor Rainer Berendes enabled and still enable us to render further aid, with the objective of bringing the young and brave woman closer to the realisation of her dream.

The case of Murielle is representative for countless persons who suffered a tragic fate and whom we could help in various different ways thanks to your support. Please continue to support our work by means of your donations, in order to give persons like the young woman from Haiti a perspective for their future. Thank you very much.

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