No package falls by the wayside

by Sebastian Meitinger, Stefanie Huisgen,  2012/02/02

Ten thousands of colourful Christmas packages wanted to be collected at one of 1,058 collection points all over Bavaria last winter. For a period of three weeks, 63 honorary drivers in their well-known red humedica jackets offered their free services, loaded the little presents onto their lorries and took them to the headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

An addition to the humedica fleet: a 7.5 tonner that was donated by MAN was immediately used for the “Gift from the Heart” campaign. Photo: humedica

Since the capacities of the humedica warehouse were fully stretched after having received several lorry loads and several thousand packages, numerous “Gifts from the Heart” were temporarily stored in other places. For this purpose, the brewery Tucher Bräu had kindly put their warehouses in Fürth, Hof and Bad Neustadt an der Saale at our disposal for free.

Planning the transport routes and coordinating the drivers is always connected with a large amount of work and effort, and every year those in charge of the campaign are faced with new logistic challenges. This can be attributed to the fact that, due to an annual increase in the number of collection points and Christmas packages, also the organisational extent of the campaign gets ever larger.

All the strings of logistic organisation are pulled by our fund raising employee Clemens Matern. “We had to plan 127 collection rounds for the 2011 Christmas gift campaign”, says the “Gift from the Heart” logistician, looking back to his scope of responsibility. “Our honorary assistants were on tour with 16 vehicles, in order to bring the gifts to our sorting point in Kaufbeuren in time.

Last year, transport organisation was facilitated by the first-time use of a special planning software developed by the company PTV.This tour planning programme is for example also used by the logistics company DHL”, explains Clemens Matern. “We are deeply grateful to PTV for the possibility of using their programme for free for planning our transport routes.”

A glance into the humedica warehouse, where thousands of colourful Christmas packets piled up in December. Photo: humedica/Stefanie Husigen

In total, the Christmas gift collection tours amounted to a distance of 32,000 kilometres – a substantial figure! By way of illustration: the linear distance between Berlin and Sydney is about 16,000 kilometres!

Eventually, all the presents had reached their destinations just in time for Christmas and the “Gift from the Heart” team could once more look back onto a successful campaign. Thanks to the kind support of PTV and Tucher Bräu, the logistic challenges could be met efficiently, and therefore 81,929 children in misery were delighted to receive a package for Christmas.

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