10,000 euros for reconstruction project in Japan

by Steffen Richter,  2012/03/29

This is not the first time that Aktionsbündnis Allgäu (Allgaeu Coalition for Action) supports humedica with the realisation of sustainable projects for people in misery. A few days ago, the chairman of Aktionsbündnis Allgäu, Wolfgang Strahl, handed over a donation cheque for 10,000 euros to Joachim Panhans of the globally active organisation from Kaufbeuren. The donation will be used for a reconstruction project in Japan.

On the left: Dieter Scheuthle (City Fire Marshal of the fire brigade Kempten and deputy chairman of Aktionsbündnis Allgäu); on the very right: Christian Hindorff (Commander of the fire brigade Waltenhofen). In the centre, next to humedica employee Joachim Panhans you can see Wolfgang Strahl (director of allgaeu-medical and chairman of Aktionsbündnis Allgäu). Photo: humedica

March 11, 2011, will always be commemorated as a day of terror, sorrow and destruction in Japanese history books. A heavy earthquake shook the country, triggered a tsunami and destroyed several nuclear power plants; the core meltdown resulting from this disaster and the escaping nuclear radiation are a reason for major concern up to this day.

It is true that back then we had to withdraw our medical mission team for safety reasons”, remembers humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß, “But with the help of local partners we were able to support various distributions and we have been promoting long-term projects up to this day.

One of these projects is the so-called Kingsgarden, a home for elderly persons suffering from physical and psychological diseases, as well as a base for mobile nursing services. The facilities Kingsgarden had used were located in immediate vicinity to the coast and were massively destroyed by the natural disasters of March last year.

We are immensely pleased that we, the Aktionsbündnis Allgäu, can offer targeted support to this wonderful project and extend a helping hand to the affected people in Japan in their still difficult every-day life”, explained Wolfgang Strahl when handing over the cheque. “The fact that this help will be implemented by humedica, a partner based in the Allgaeu region and well-known to us, tops off our useful commitment.

The construction works of the new Kingsgarden facilities will begin even in 2012 – this time at a safe distance to the beach. “Our thanks once more goes to Aktionsbündnis Allgäu”, said Joachim Panhans, after he had received the donation. “Thanks to their repeated, generous support we can implement great projects.

We would like to thank Aktionsbündnis Allgäu for this generous and exemplary support.

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