Cooperation with Allgäu Airport Memmingen has been announced

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/01/19

Fast aid saves lives – the awareness of this fact is the motivation that drives humedica during each of their missions. Thanks to highly efficient organisation and the efforts of the headquarters, the mission team members are always among the first relief assistants who reach the respective disaster regions. And the lately announced cooperation between the Allgäu Airport Memmingen and humedica will contribute to bring help to those in need even faster in future.

The signing of the cooperation agreement has more than just a symbolic meaning, as the baptism of fire was already passed successfully last year. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

In the event of a disaster, we always work at full speed in order to send our aid in form of experienced relief doctors and drugs to the disaster regions”, explained humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß. “The fact that thanks to the cooperation with Allgäu Airport we will be able to depart from nearby will be an enormous contribution to reduce our time of reaction even further.

The advantages of the cooperation already became apparent last year after the devastating earthquake in Turkey. Wolfgang Groß summarises: “Last year we successfully passed the baptism of fire. Although it was a Sunday evening, I was able to reach Mr. Schmid without any problems, and he assured his cooperation for this mission with an admiring straightforwardness, so that the mission could be planned overnight and be implemented the morning after.

And this means that time can be saved which decides about life and death during the first few hours after a disaster. The importance of time was also emphasised by the CEO of Memmingen Airport. “We want to help save time. This is the most important factor after a disaster – and together we can realise that.

This is the objective of the future cooperation, which will consist of support with the arrival of the first medical mission team members and with logistic proceedings, loading relief goods and drugs, and organising the respective flights and planes.

Furthermore, the cooperation that has been announced will also contain strategic cooperation during training measures and practices of the honorary mission team members, as well as the possibility for humedica to present the organisation in the departure lounge and make people aware of the life-saving relief measures.

The highlight of the cooperation announcement was when Mr. Schmid, CEO of the Memmingen Airport, handed over a cheque of 1,000 euros to the humedica CEO.

“People wanting to park their cars in immediate vicinity of the terminal, namely on the CEO’s parking lot, yielded several hundred euros”, Mr. Schmid (right) rejoiced. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

We had a little Christmas celebration and the employees of our airport had the idea of auctioning several things”, the CEO from Memmingen explained, looking back. “So, for example, the parking lot of the CEO was auctioned for an amount of several hundred euros for the period of one year. And the Allgäu Airport then doubled the sum.

We would like to say thank you for this generous donation and at this point add an introductory note on the cooperation agreement using the words of Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Groß: “We are looking forward to it!

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