Many reasons that motivate us to go on

by Katja Weber,  2012/04/19

Six months old and a weight of merely 3.1 kilograms: you don’t need scales or a tape measure to see that Ahmed is undernourished. Together with his seven sisters and brothers, his parents travelled about 140 kilometres from Meru in the east to the refugee camp in Benane. Their story is similar to all the other stories. Their goats and cows starved due to the drought. The family had no other alternative than to hope for some charity somewhere else.

Soon, a shelter from the sun is going to be set up, but until then the waiting patients will have to make do with this withered tree as sun shade. Photo: humedica/Katja Weber

Den Nur has not yet been officially announced a refugee camp– so far it has not been registered by the government. Therefore, the inhabitants of the village of Benane continue to share their food rations with the refugees. And in the meantime, the number of those has increased to about 600 families; that makes an estimated 3,600 persons. Many, many empty stomachs.

But nevertheless, some improvements can be observed at least in other aspects: a short time ago, humedica installed a water tank for free use at the edge of the camp – a cluster of simple grass huts. Finally there is clean water nearby, which is an unimaginable improvement, as the homeless notice gratefully.

Apart from that, the assistants of the humedica partner World Concern show them when and how to wash their hands correctly and how this contributes to preventing diseases caused by a lack of hygiene.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the year, humedica began to offer medical treatment to these people together with the partner organisation. Every 14 days a mobile hospital is set up in the open at the edge of the refugee camp. Many women, children and men come to see us with their large and smaller health problems, which are often caused by the dryness and frequently also by an insufficient, inadequate or imbalanced nutrition.

When she came to see us, Ahmed's mother made the right decision. Nutritionist Roselyn assessed the infant’s state to be so critical that she sent mother and child together with a nurse to Garissa, the next larger town, even on the same day. The hospital there disposes of a special department for undernourished patients.

Little Ahmed is still weak, but it is obvious to the humedica assistants that he is on the road to recovery. Photo: humedica/Katja Weber

Only two weeks later, Ahmed could be dismissed again: he had gained weight rapidly and from now on he can be treated at the mobile humedica hospital, where he will be provided with the necessary high-calorie special food.

Roselyn is very pleased about having done the right thing: for her, children like Ahmed are the decisive reason for working in the heat and dust, instead of sitting at a desk in some air-conditioned office. Please support this commitment at the Horn of Africa by means of your donation. Please support relief measures like those for little Ahmed. Thank you very much!

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Together, we can even achieve great results by means of a small text message: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and 4.83 euros of the 5 euros you will be charged, will be used for supporting a humedica project.

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