Emergency relief aid for 300 families with critically undernourished members concluded successfully

by Nina Skandalaki/SHU,  2012/01/17

Since August 2011, people in Djibouti at the Horn of Africa have been provided with relief goods in the framework of the humedica relief measures. After a total of four distributions to 2000 undernourished persons, the relief project could be concluded successfully at the end of last year.

2000 persons in misery were provided with basic food and necessities. Photo: humedica

Similar to the situation in the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya, also the people living in this small state at the Horn of Africa had slid into existence-threatening misery due to the continuing drought and the flows of refugees caused by the civil war in Somalia.

In the framework of this project, three hundred needy families – about 2000 persons – in the rural regions in the south of the country were provided with basic food and essential goods for every-day use by means of four monthly distributions during the worst months of the dry season.

The distributions were implemented by the humedica partner Nehemia in cooperation with the local relief organisation Linking in Aid (LIA) and after consultation with local authorities.

The recipients, who had been classified as particularly needy by the local government, were provided with vital basic food, such as rice, flour, sugar, milk powder and dates on a monthly basis. In the framework of two more distribution campaigns, the families were also supplied with essential sanitary articles, cooking gear and clothes.

The programme not only ensured survival of a total of 2000 persons threatened by the famine. Thanks to the positive feedback of the local population and local authorities, it also helped to clear the way for humedica to develop sustainable projects in the region, aimed to support the needy population also in the long-term.

This great relief campaign was possible thanks to the generous support of Sternstunden, the charity campaign of the Bayerischer Rundfunk radio station and humedica would once more like to express its heartfelt thanks for that.

Rice, flour, sugar, sanitary articles and clothes – all of these goods are scarce in Djibouti and could be distributed to needy persons last year. Photo: humedica

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