The story behind the picture: faces behind the statistics

by Dr. Michael Brinkmann/RBU,  2012/02/06

Many experiences in our lives are very special moments that leave behind their traces and remain in our memories for a long time. That can be moments linked to the current situation. But that can also be moments in which we relive numerous old memories that tell a story that goes far beyond one single moment. The story behind the picture - this time told from Ethiopia by Dr. Michael Brinkmann.

„Once again, it’s a hot day. We are in Dollo Ado, in South Ethiopia, close to the border to Somalia. Our humedica team is active at the Melkadida refugee camp. In this region there are five large camps with about 40,000 Somali refugees living at each of them. Statistics and numbers are given faces and individual human fates when working here for and with these persons.

So, for example, I remember an old lady, who visited the ambulance tent together with her two grandchildren. One of the children suffered from high fever. After examining the child, I was told by Hassan, our interpreter, that the old lady had risked the dangerous flight from Somalia.

The children’s parents had been deported by militias. On their way to Ethiopia, two of the children had died, and the grandmother was now responsible for the remaining two. When she left the tent, she thanked me and the entire humedica team for the fact that we had not forgotten the people living here.

I also had the opportunity of offering great entertainment in front of the treatment tent for a short time: by blowing simple soap bubbles, I managed to conjure up a smile on the faces of both children and adults for a moment.

These impressions and experiences give me the certainty that we are in the right place; that our humanitarian aid reaches the people! The support and help humedica offers in this region that has been forgotten by the world public must be continued.

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference "Famine Relief Africa"
      Account 47 47
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Kind regards,
Michael Brinkmann“

Bringing great joy with simple means: besides the medical help, these moments are the most important times for doctor Michael Brinkmann. Photo: humedica

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