The crutches remain, the pain has vanished

by Stefanie Huisgen,  2012/05/16

Being a pillar of support to as many people in misery as possible – this is the main objective of the humedica relief organisation. Often, in the event of a disaster, several thousands of victims are in need of medical aid extended by doctor teams. But apart from that there are always also individual persons with extraordinary fates who become focus of our relief measures. Thanks to our individual case aid programme we are able to offer them the support they need.

In March we reported about the Ethiopian Tekalign Beyene, who had sustained a femoral fracture and broken his hip when falling in 2009. Back then, the surgery costs were covered by Tekalign's employer. And although the bones could be stabilised during this first surgery, Tekalign continued to suffer from constant pain.

Tekalign makes first attempts to walk again, accompanied by humedica employee Berhe. Photo: humedica

Supported by crutches, he could only walk a few metres and therefore he was no longer able to get to his working place. He lost not only his job, but at the same time also the option for an essential follow-up surgery, the costs of which should also have been taken over by Tekalign's employer. The entire family was affected by Tekalign's health problems. His wife and children cared for the father, although it should have been the other way round.

humedica heard of Tekalign’s fate in the framework of the Family Sponsorship Programme and thanks to the donations made to the individual case aid funds, we could finance the necessary second surgery for the Ethiopian. The surgery has already been concluded and was successful.

Tekalign has once more left the hospital, after he had had to stay as an in-patient a little longer than originally intended, due to a wound infection.

He still needs the crutches - but the unbearable pain has vanished. At the moment Tekalign is doing a therapy and he is very optimistic that one day he will be able to walk again without assistance.

By means of a short message, Tekalign expresses his gratitude to humedica: “I am fine and I can walk better once more. I would like to thank the humedica employees for giving me this opportunity. May God bless you!”

Dear friends and sponsors of our work, we would like to pass on these words of thanks to you. It is your support that enables us to help persons like Tekalign. humedica depends on your help in order to ease the misery of those persons who have suffered a terrible blow of fate!

Please use our online donation form, fill in a transfer form or send a text message – we are grateful for every donation we receive in support of the individual case aid funds!

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference “Individual Case Aid”
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also contribute to great achievements by sending a short text message: send the reference DOC to 8 11 90 and your mobile bill will be charged with 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica relief measures.

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