„The sheep will change my life.“

Distribution of 80 sheep creates a long-time perspective

by Steven Hofmann/RBU, 2012/10/24

Recently, the families of the sponsorship program in Debre Zeit were full of joy about a very special donation. At the beginning of October, humedica went to the livestock market together with the 40 beneficiaries, bought a lot of sheep with them and, thus, laid the foundation for a small sheep farming business. Our coordinator Steven Hofmann accompanied them.

„It was a great surprise for the families, when on that Saturday they met the humedica staff. They expected that we would hold a regular meeting. Instead, they received a great gift for we went to the livestock market together and bought a lot of sheep.

When we arrived at the market place, we were immediately surrounded by numerous bleating sheep, goats and cattle. Dust was raised by the pounding hoofs of the animals. It was baking hot.

It quickly got about that we intended to buy a whole lot of sheep. Of course, all the shepherds wanted to sell their sheep, so they gathered around our staff. With great skill, we negotiated a good price, so that we could buy a ram and an ewe (a male and a female sheep) for every one of our families.
The choice of the animals was left to the beneficiaries themselves.

The aim of this special distribution is to make sheep breeding possible for the families. They are supposed to raise the animals’ offspring and sell it at a profit. With a bit of skill and the right keeping of the animals, this can be the beginning of a flock, which should enable its owners to generate their own income and earn their own living.

Rediet, who is in charge of the humedica projects in Debre Zeit, explains: “These measures are an enormous help to the families. The sheep will sell well and create an extra income. On holidays the sheep are even worth up to 1.500 Ethiopian birr.” This is equivalent to about 64 Euros.

Happily, the sheep were received by their new owners, whose excitement was naturally great. The sheep couples were tied together immediately in order not to lose them in the crowd and to be able to take them home.

Genima is one of the women who was very happy with the choice of her sheep. Beaming with joy, she expressed her gratitude: “I am very happy and I am going to care well for the sheep. This gift will change my life.

As mentioned at the beginning, humedica owes the possibility of carrying out this sheep project to an extraordinary donation by the Jungheinrich stock corporation from Hamburg, whose leaders made the project financially viable without hesitation. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and send you kindest regards and best wishes from the families of Debre Zeit.”

Please help to change lives by making a specific donation for our sponsorship program or adopting a family in Ethiopia.

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