For a better start into life

by Thomas Adelsberger/RBU,  2012/07/12

Slowly but surely more and more every-day routine establishes itself at the Melkadida refugee camp at the Ethiopian-Somali border: people cook and clean, sleep, laugh and cry, children go to school and people suffering from physical complaints attend a doctor. In order to treat the ill, humedica runs a health station for the 40,000 refugees at camp close to the city of Dollo Ado.

However, many women who come to the humedica health station or to the state-run health station that is operated by ARRA at the other end of the camp are far from being ill. Quite the contrary: they are expecting a child. As mentioned above, every-day life is establishing itself, but until a few days ago even that was often insufficient.

humedica coordinator Simone Winneg at the hand-over ceremony of the mother-child station, for which humedica still needs a gynaecologists. Photo: humedica/Thomas Adelsberger

The existing ward for deliveries and maternity care has long since become insufficient in face of the camp’s size and the number of pregnant women. Deliveries without medical care for women and new-borns were fairly frequent occurrences and posed a substantial threat.

Therefore it is really good news that thanks to the support of BILD hilft e. V. – “Ein Herz für Kinder” ("A Heart for Children"), on July 6, 2012, humedica could hold an inauguration ceremony for a new centre for family planning, maternity care, deliveries and postnatal care and hand it over to the state-run health centre within the camp.

The premises, which had already existed but had not been functional, were refurbished and newly furnished. Now the mother-child station consists of one in-patient room, three examination rooms, an office and a storage room for medications with the corresponding medical equipment, as well as a room for traditional midwives.

humedica could even equip the station with an oxygen device for infants and the plan is to employ a specialist for gynaecology, as the necessity for such an expert becomes ever more obvious at camp.

Completion and inauguration of the mother-child station will contribute to facilitating delivery for the women and the start into life for their new-born children. This thought was also expressed by the keynote speakers, who accompanied the festive event of the key handover. They pointed out that in the first place this event was not about the hand-over of the centre to an organisation or institution, but about the fact that it has been set up for the people at Melkadida.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported our relief measures for the refugees so far. For realisation of the mother-child station we would like to thank BILD hilft e.V. – “Ein Herz für Kinder” in particular. Furthermore, we would also like to ask you to continue your support for the people at the Horn of Africa by means of making a targeted donation.

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Even a short text message can contribute to achieving great results: send a text message containing the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and your mobile bill will be charged with 5 euros. 4.83 euros of this amount will be directly channelled into the humedica project work.

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