An accident changed his entire life

by Ruth Bücker,  2012/03/27

Awkwardly, Tekalign Beyene heaves himself from his saggy mattress into a worn armchair every day. His crutches look like props of a post-war film production. Since his accident, which happened two and a half years ago, the Ethiopian can no longer move without these clumsy devices. A short moment of carelessness, followed by a fall, has had substantial consequences for the life of Tekalign and his wife and family.

Until the day of his accident, Tekalign had been able to provide for his family. Now, he depends on them. Photo: humedica

It happened at work: the then 55-year old man sustained fractures to his femur and hip joint and was operated at cost of his employer. For fixation of the fracture, the surgeons inserted a metal plate and steel nails. The intention was to do another surgery after about one year and remove the plate.

The first surgery for stabilising the bones was carried through, but the pain did not subside. Even using the clumsy crutches, Tekalign could only do a few steps at a time. At the same time also sitting caused him unbearable pain.

It got ever harder for Tekalign to walk to his work and using the completely overcrowded public transport means was a real challenge – both for financial and health reasons. Due to this situation, Tekalign, who had so far been known to be a hardworking and respectable man, became a burden his employer no longer wanted to bear. As a consequence, the father of three children lost his job.

And when he lost his job, Tekalign also lost the possibility of having the second planned surgery done, since his former employer no longer had to cover the costs.

Desperate, the father of three children tried to come to terms with this situation. He would love to work, but due to his increasing pain and a progressing stiffness of his hip joint, he can neither travel into town, nor can he find a new job he would be able to do with his severe disability.

Since then, his two sons and Tekalign’s wife have been providing for the family by means of taking on jobs as day workers. The family receives food and necessary sanitary articles thanks to the support they receive in the framework of the humedica Family Sponsorshop Programme. His wife and daughter do the household together. They also assist Tekalign, who is resigned to his situation, when it comes to washing or going to the toilet

A handshake and the promise by humedica employee Maren Kuchler, to at least assess all possible means of support. Now, the costs for the necessary surgery are to be covered by humedica. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

The husband and father is disappointed and sad about the situation. About the fact that this had to happen to him. About the fact that he is no longer able to provide for his family. He does not want to accept the sad reality that now he is the one who has to be provided for. He has no means of escaping this situation by himself.

We intend to help him escape this misery by offering support from the working field of humedica individual case aid. He cannot afford to pay for the surgery, which would cost about 5,000 euros, since the amount of his monthly pension corresponds to only nine euros. But together with you, humedica will be able to cover the costs.

Dear friends of our work: in their home country, Tekalign Beyene, his wife and his three children do not benefit from an accident insurance or a sufficient income that could be used to cover such extraordinary costs. Please make a donation in order to help us to compensate for the lack of a social safety net and to finance the surgery that will change everything. Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference “Individual case aid
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren
      IBAN: DE35734500000000004747

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