Honour to honorary work!

by Damaris Walter,  2012/12/05

We would like to dedicate this day to all those who work as volunteers without demanding any remuneration, in order to offer help to other people. December 5 is the Day of Honorary Work and it is intended to throw the spotlight onto all those who work on an honorary basis.

humedica is among those organisations and institutions that could not exist in this form without their honorary assistants. Every year, several hundreds of persons volunteer to work without remuneration in order to help those in misery, and join humedica missions.

All our honorary assistants, be they medical professionals or coordinators, assistants travelling into disaster zones or volunteering to work at our warehouse every year, and all those persons from all over the world who support humedica on an honorary basis; towards all of them we would like to express our praise and our deep-felt gratitude – any time and especially today, the Day of Honorary Work.

Considering the number of merely 33 full-time employees working for humedica, the great importance of honorary work for a donation-based non-governmental organisation like humedica, and its dependence on honorary assistants, immediately become clear. More than 900 persons worldwide are active for humedica on an honorary basis, and in addition, there are numerous committed persons in Germany who support humedica as honorary assistants regarding all kinds of different tasks.

December 5 therefore is a day of joy! “Honour, to whom honour is due” says the proverb, and as the word honorary work itself suggests, it is a work of honour, to which honour is due. Honour for commitment, for taking initiatives, for active support, passion, the sacrifice of free-time or paid working hours. A lot of honorary activities also demand a willingness to take risks, spontaneity, flexibility and precise work under extremely difficult circumstances.

We would like to thank all committed honorary assistants for your priceless, important and extremely valuable work!

If you do not want to work on an honorary basis, but still would like to support the international work of humedica, you are welcome to make a donation or assume a family sponsorship (or part sponsorship) in order to help those in misery. Even a small amount contributes to achieving great results! Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference "Travelling fund"
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

      SWIFT-Code: BYLA DE M1 KFB
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