“What is most important is that we are alive”

by Antje Weber,  2012/04/17

To look at the severely injured patients really is shocking. During the explosion of the ammunition dump in Brazzaville, Bernard, 52 years old, sustained third-degree burns to his face, his upper body and his right arm. Also four weeks after the disaster he must still be suffering unbearable pain. But nevertheless, he is smiling. "What is most important is that we are alive", he says to coordinator Antje Weber during a sick bed visit.

Once again, the experienced relief doctor Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres has set out with the objective of helping people in misery. The photo shows him on a mission in Chile. Photo: humedica

Yvette has suffered a similar fate. The 48-year old mother sustained terrible burns to both legs. Immediately after the explosion, the experienced relief doctor, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Domres did a skin grafting also for her. This fast aid saved her life. However, she still has a long way to go to recover completely once more. The wounds need to be cleaned and the dressings changed daily.

However, the hospital lacks most of the things that would be necessary for this purpose. There are neither sufficient pain killers, nor special dressing material. The patients only receive two light pain killers per day - this is about the dose we take for a simple headache in Germany.

Furthermore, due to the dismal hygienic conditions and the accommodation in shared rooms also infections are a constant threat to the patients. Therefore, humedica decided to extend the mission and to deploy two more teams for a period of two weeks each, in order to ensure appropriate treatment of the severely injured patients.

Equipped with the necessary materials, Professor Bernd Domres once more set out for Brazzaville last Friday. "Bernard and Yvette were delighted to see me again", says the doctor after visiting his patients on Saturday. A few days later, also Matthias Haun arrived in Brazzaville. Together the two doctors will now do further skin graftings and continue treating the wounds.

In order to ensure appropriate medical treatment also beyond the presence of the humedica mission teams, the two doctors train local staff both regarding the changing of burn dressings, and the implementation of skin graftings. In this way many victims will receive aid also in future!

Also the humedica relief measures at the reception camps are continued - thanks to your support. Photo: humedica/Ursula Miller

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