Little means to accomplish great results

by Stefanie Huisgen,  2011/12/06

It is not always necessary to plan a campaign long beforehand and to arrange everything to the smallest detail in order to accomplish the best results. Sometimes great effects can also be generated even by spontaneous or relatively simple actions. In the end, the path to success is the creation of a certain degree of self-initiative - this was also realised by the World Shop Buchloe.

With great pleasure, Waltraud Schulster of the World Shop Buchloe handed over a substantial amount in form of a donation cheque to humedica employee Joachim Panhans. Photo: humedica

The World Shop of the town of Buchloe had published an advert in the local newspaper "Buchloer Zeitung" in order to make the inhabitants aware of a donation campaign in the favour of humedica. During a period of two months, a donation box was set up on a chair in front of the shop.

Passer-bys were asked to donate an amount they could choose themselves and contribute to the campaign. "Considering their personal situations, many people donated comparatively large amounts of money", told Waltraud Schuster when she handed over the donation. "The basic tenor of the population was: Compared to the starving people who live in East Africa, we are still fairly well-off here in Germany."

With the total takings of 6,771 euros the World Shop Buchloe intends to support the commitment of humedica at the Horn of Africa. Waltraud Schuster attributes the fact that such a substantial amount of money could be collected to the World Shop's positive reputation. "Apart from that, people put substantial trust in the emergency and disaster relief aid of humedica," she continues.

humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those who support our organisation's relief measures at the Horn of Africa with their donations. Great thanks also goes to the initiators of the donation campaign, the World Shop Buchloe, for their great charity and commitment!

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