Thank you for six years of relief measures in Sudan

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/03/07

humedica had been offering aid in the vast North East African state since 2004. Six years of relief measures that could be implemented thanks to the German Federal Foreign Office and in the framework of which lives could be saved and more than seven million euros were invested in efficient aid.

humedica meant that people were cared for

humedica sent food and other relief goods to Sudan. Photo: humedica

Due to a drastic escalation of the civil war in 2003, the people in Darfur have ever since been living in insecurity, and desperation is almost tangible in many places. Many families were separated, had to flee, give up their houses and their field, and as a consequence they were no longer able to provide for themselves.

In this emergency situation, humedica made it their objective to distribute both food and so-called non-food items such as e.g. canvas and sleeping mats to the refugee camps.

The distributions were also extended to the schools that were supported by humedica, and hence the students received meals during their school day and school materials.

humedica means coordination of international relief measures

Almost 74,000 internally displaced persons were provided with a roof over their heads and with access to food, medical treatment and education at camp Al Salam alone. Photo: humedica

Due to various upheavals and armed conflicts between different tribes, many international relief organisations were requested to leave Sudan.

In the surroundings of the city of Nyala in particular, the humedica employees were therefore faced with the immense challenge of closing the gaps in provision and coordination that had opened due to the expulsion of many organisations.

The humedica employees took over coordination of international relief measures above all at the refugee camp Al Salam. This meant regular access to water, food and medical treatment for more than 70,000 refugees.

Preparations for withdrawal

It is always hard to leave something behind. But the time has come for humedica to take leave of Sudan. Photo: humedica

We have been working on handing over the projects we had been running during the past few years since the beginning of 2010, and in cooperation with other international relief organisations, as we want to ensure that the relief measures will be continued as efficiently as possible.

It is one of humedica's main objectives to integrate relief projects into the structures of a country to a degree that after thorough preparations the relief measures can be carried on in a sustainable way by locals and only require some assistance. This also applies to Sudan.

The knowledge that our projects will be continued and the certainty that the 350 salaried employees working in the project will keep their jobs also in future - although no longer under the banner of humedica - at least makes finishing our long-term commitment it a little easier.

Together we have achieved a lot. Thank you!

We would like to thank the German Federal Foreign Office for their trust and for making the relief measures possible. And we would also like to thank our sponsors and partner organisations USAID, UNDP, Operation Blessing, Kindernothilfe, and Children First, whose employees have also become friends to us.

And special thanks also goes to the relief organisations CARE Suisse and the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent, which took over responsibility for the humedica projects and will continue them following the principles of charity.

Thank you for your donations, dear friends and sponsors, as they enabled us to treat up to 20,000 patients per months and to provide a total of more than one million people with access to medical care.

Thank you for enabling us to open up new future perspectives to thousands of children and young adults by means of our educational programmes. Thank you for enabling us to give shelter to persons in need by setting up refugee camps.

Thank you for having remained at our side!

Thank you very much. Photo: humedica

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