Annual Strategical Meeting in Kaufbeuren: humedica makes plans for 2011

by SRI,  2011/02/22

Department-internal meetings take place regularly at the humedica headquarters, generally on a daily basis. However, the latest meeting of the Departments for Public Relations (PR) and Fundraising (FR) takes place only once at the beginning of each year. Correspondingly, this Annual Strategical Meeting is one of the most important meetings of the year.

Two departments and plans for the year 2011: Ruth Bücker, Steffen Richter, Clemens Matern, Roswitha Gutsche, Joachim Panhans and CEO Wolfgang Groß (from left to right). Photo: humedica

How can communication with donors be improved further? How well-established is the presence of humedica in the field of social media? Can our global projects be presented to the public even more effectively? Which regional and cross-regional events will humedica participate in in 2011 and which topics will appear in our information letter?

Questions like these and many others were discussed by the Departments for PR and FR and CEO Wolfgang Groß. The meeting took place a few days ago at external premises that have kindly been put at our disposal by hotel "Am Kamin" which is based in Kaufbeuren.

The results achieved during these creative days will appear in many different contexts: besides in almost all fields of external communication, they will appear at many smaller and larger events during this year and in our ever-lasting efforts to make aid for people in misery even more transparent and sustainable than humedica has already done for years.

Of course, we are highly interested in what you, dear friends and sponsors, think about our work and above all in your suggestions for potential improvements. Please tell us your opinion via email or on facebook... Thank you very much and kind regards from Kaufbeuren.

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