Time of change - humedica continues supporting Sri Lanka

by Steffen Richter, Sven Ramones,  2011/04/29

For many years, humedica has been supporting needy people in Sri Lanka in the framework of humanitarian relief projects. Be it during the long years of civil war, after the tsunami disaster, or beyond that. The help of humedica is intended to reach the people in misery on the long-term and in a sustainable way.

In the fourth part of our reporting series "Sri Lanka - relief projects for a new beginning" you can learn more about the humedica commitment in the south and north of the country.

Projects in the south of the country

The headquarters of the humedica subsidiary organisation humedica International Lanka is located in Dehiwala, a suburb of the capital of Colombo. From here, our team supports and implements various different initiatives, for example in the field of relief supplies.

One of the diverse fields of action of humedica in Sri Lanka includes offering medical care to the population. Photo: humedica

By means of distributing relief goods in different places in the south of Sri Lanka, the team has been able to repeatedly offer targeted support to those in need. Wheelchairs, walking aids, spectacles: the list of distributed and urgently needed medical aids is much longer still.

With the adjoining out-patient centre, the headquarters of humedica International Lanka provides important medical care. Furthermore, there also is a dental clinic where free treatment is provided to needy persons who have dental problems.

The medical commitment of humedica in Sri Lanka is complemented by a mobile hospital in Mattakuliya. Twice a month, two doctors travel to the remote region by humedica minibus in order to offer medical treatment to those in misery.

Medical teams visit remote villages and settlements at regular intervals with the objective of offering professional aid to those who otherwise would hardly have the possibility of reaching a doctor or a hospital.

Fundamentally, the help humedica offers in Sri Lanka can equally be sought by members of all ethnic groups living in the country, be it Singhalese, Tamils, Moors or Burgers.

In Bambalapitya, humedica supports the efforts of the Juvenile Magistrate Court for street children that are taken off the street and are then referred to children or youth welfare institutions.

More than twenty families who are living in abject poverty receive support by humedica regarding their livelihood. Photo: humedica

In Sri Lanka - and also in other countries - humedica supports the partner organisation Prison Fellowship International (PFI), which is committed to caring for prisoners all over the world.

Without the efforts of the PFI, numerous prisoners in various countries of the world would receive only insufficient care, e.g. regarding the field of medicine.

humedica extends financial support to PFI Lanka and these financial means are above all used for buying hygiene articles for prisoners at various Sri Lankan prisons.

By means of small and often relatively short-term initiatives, humedica in Sri Lanka intends to react also to special situations and particular needs of those in misery.

Currently, more than twenty families who are living in abject poverty are receiving monthly support regarding their livelihood. This initiative was started by Pastor Sam Rajasuriar, Chairman and Director of humedica International Lanka.

Commitment on the Jaffna Peninsula in the north

Although working and living conditions on the Jaffna Peninsula had been extremely difficult during the decades of civil war, the humedica team had nevertheless managed to implement various projects.

The humedica relief measures in the north of the island are organised from the base in Manipay (a suburb of the provincial capital of Jaffna). Besides administrative buildings - where above all the family sponsorship programme is being managed - the property also houses a residential home for female students, an out-patient and dental centre, as well as a guest house.

Education for good future perspectives. 585 boys and girls are taught at the International School Manipay in order to prepare them for their future. Photo: humedica

humedica has been running the "International School Manipay" (ISM) already since 2006. At this school lessons are held exclusively in English and the institution offers real future perspectives to 585 children, as they receive extensive high-quality education and are awarded the internationally recognised A levels (entry requirement for tertiary education).

The majority of the students at the ISM are victims of the far-reaching consequences of the civil war and the tsunami disaster.

The school is furthermore adjoined by the Montessori Kindergarten Jaffna and two residential homes for children whose homes are too far away from school. Currently, there are 19 boys and 13 girls living here.

Then there are another 14 kindergartens in the region surrounding Manipay, which are also run by humedica. More than 400 children could be offered a day care place at these institutions.

But humedica is also implementing medical projects in the north of Sri Lanka. A mobile hospital brings medical care to those in need in and around Manipay.

humedica is running a total of three out-patient centres in the region, called "MediMercy-Clinics", where patients receive basic medical care and each of which is adjoined by a dental clinic.

The dental clinics of humedica International Lanka provide urgently needed dental care to needy persons. Photo: humedica

At the out-patient centres, more than 1200 patients a month receive free treatment and are provided with the medication they require. 36 local employees constantly ensure high-quality and secure implementation of this and other working fields on the Jaffna Peninsula. Altogether, about 150 persons are employed in the various humedica projects in Sri Lanka.

Ambulance ship

The humedica ambulance ship is a life-saving means of transport to the next hospital for numerous seriously ill and injured persons. By means of the speedboat, patients can be taken from Delft Island - west of Jaffna Peninsula - to Kurikadduvan and from there on to Jaffna General Hospital.

With a duration of one hour, the journey by the humedica ambulance ship takes only half as long as by the common means of transport that have so far been available on this waterway. After the crossing, an ambulance takes the patients from the port to hospital.

humedica is planning to take over the organisation of this transport completely independently. But to do so, we need the financial means to buy an ambulance. So far, the patients have been taken to hospital by an external provider.

The humedica ambulance ship. Saving lives by means of fast crossings to Jaffna General Hospital. Photo: humedica/Wolfgang Groß

Unfortunately, there often are unnecessary delays when transporting the patients on by an external patient transport ambulance. For this reason, humedica would like to buy an own ambulance in order to ensure transport to hospital without delays for ill and injured patients. Therefore, we would like to ask you for a donation!

Dear friends and sponsors: the commitment of humedica for the people of Sri Lanka who have suffered so much misery over the last few decades will continue unabatedly.

Please help us to provide the victims of civil war, poverty and natural disasters with the necessary support for a new beginning. Thank you very much!

      humedica e. V.
      Donation reference "Sri Lanka"
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also make a donation for the relief projects in Sri Lanka via our online form, or by means of sending a text message: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros being directly channelled into the humedica project work.

humedica helps the people in Sri Lanka, such as these girls from the student residence. Please support our efforts! Thank you very much!

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