Charity race for school construction project of humedica

by Sven Ramones,  2011/06/01

Highly motivated, the pupils and teachers of the primary school Pürgen committed themselves to the construction of an extension to a school building in the Ethiopian city of Debre Zeyit. By means of a charity race they collected donations for supporting the construction project, which is being implemented by humedica in order to provide the children of the landlocked northeast African state with access to education.

On a bright sunny day, about 130 boys and girls attending the school, as well as teachers, the parent’s council and about 80 onlookers assembled at the premises of the primary school Pürgen in the Bavarian community of Lengenfeld, in order to take part in a so-called sponsored race.

More than 130 pupils of the primary school Pürgen gave their best during the sponsored race for the children of Ethiopia. Photo: humedica/Susanne Merkel

Before the event, the school had distributed race cards, by means of which the children were asked to find sponsors. Parents, friends, acquaintances and relatives needed to be convinced to sponsor an amount at their own discretion for each accomplished round of the race. The sponsored sum was then to be donated to humedica for supporting the construction project.

The little sportsmen and –women were given one hour for running as many rounds as possible on the 350m trail.

Cheered on by their parents, teachers and the members of the parent’s council, who were busy counting the rounds and stamping, the charity runners in the end achieved a substantial total amount of 2583 accomplished rounds. This resulted in the astounding sponsored amount of 8680 euros, which will be used for supporting the humedica construction project in Ethiopia.

In the framework of a project week, which the primary school Lengenfeld dedicated to the topic of Africa, the charity race offered its participants an opportunity of committing themselves to a charity purpose.

However, the project week was not only intended to communicate understanding for the social situation prevailing in countries affected by poverty. The school also intended to make the children more familiar with the entire African continent in general.

Therefore, humedica employee and co-initiator of the project week, Susanne Merkel, gave detailed explanations in words and pictures to the students regarding the charity purpose they would commit themselves to during the race.

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to estimates, one in two Ethiopians suffers from undernutrition. A majority of the people both in urban and rural areas depend on international aid in order to escape the vicious spiral of poverty.

Without education they hardly have a chance to find a job. But without a job, they have no means of earning a living or establishing a basis of existence in Ethiopia.

Besides running other humanitarian aid projects and a Family Sponsorship Programme in Ethiopia, humedica is therefore committed to providing the children in the country with an access to education. By doing so, we intend to lay the foundations for a secure future as adults.

One stamp for each accomplished round. Each stamp a donation for the expansion of the school in Debre Zeyit. Photo: humedica/Susanne Merkel

By means of expanding the school building in Debre Zeyit, south east of the capital of Addis Abeba, additional class rooms will be available for Ethiopian children. For the children education means that they will have a means of escaping the threat posed by poverty and its consequences.

The takings of the sponsored race of the primary school Pürgen will ensure that the construction of the new class rooms can be continued without disruption. Therefore, humedica is particularly pleased about the impressive sum that could be collected for the construction project by the children.

The entire humedica team would like to thank all those involved from primary school Pürgen for this great idea and its implementation, as well as all the sponsors and of course the boys and girls who participated in the race with so much energy and perseverance.

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