"Responsibility can be assumed by everyone!"

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/09/13

What seems to be a somewhat odd idea on the first glance, on the second glance turns out to be a successful relief campaign run by the Allgäu-based company Gefro Reformversand KG. After the company had already donated large quantities of milk powder that was brought to Kenya on the humedica relief flight at the end of July, the employees headed by proprietor Thilo Frommlet increased their relief efforts even more.

humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß (left) takes Mr. Frommlet and Mr. Fischer on a tour around the headquarters. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

During extra shifts and on the weekend the entire personnel contributed to implementing the campaign "Soups for Africa". From nutritionists, who developed a special soup that is specifically adapted to the needs of the starving people at the Horn of Africa, via the employees in the packing department to the logisticians who are responsible for transporting the potato soup to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, everyone made a contribution.

"It was a wonderful experience to see the cooperation of the team and the commitment of all our employees", said Thilo Frommlet during his visit to Kaufbeuren a view days ago. "The initial idea of organising the relief campaign came up while we were sitting on our sofas at home, and then we joined forces and took action together."

After a sample of this newly developed product had been sent to country coordinator Katja Weber in Kenya, who tested the soup together with our local partner DIGUNA in the framework of the nutrition programme in Nairobi, and after we received positive feedback by all relief assistants and aid receivers, large quantities are now being produced at Memmingen in the Allgäu region and the soup is sent to Kenya in various different types of containers that can be reused as dishes or transporting buckets.

The specifically developed soup powder contains additional soy protein, vitamin and mineral complexes and there is a special feature to the soup that has been developed particularly in consideration of the situation in the famine region: the soup can be prepared with cold water.

"Responsibility can be assumed by everyone", was the idea the company proprietor expressed regarding this campaign. "We hope that all those involved will benefit from our aid and that this newly developed product will be easy to handle".

We would like to thank the Gefro team for this support and would also like to ask you, dear friends and sponsors, to continue supporting our work.

      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference “Famine relief Africa
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also make a donation via our online form or by means of sending a text message: send a text message containing the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and you will make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica project work. Thank you very much!

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