How time flies...

by Dieter Schmidt/RBU,  2011/10/13

While the second humedica doctor team will set out for the Philippines next Saturday, on October 15, 2011, in the Philippines the physicians Dr. Irmgard Harms, Dr. Philipp Fischer and nurse Nancy Schmidt are tirelessly treating up to 200 patients per day. The mere thought of the approaching departure is hard on coordinator Dieter Schmidt, as he reports.

Due to the combination of several circumstances, the floods in the Philippines are becoming the worst flood disaster in 40 years. Photo: humedica/Dieter Schmidt

"Didn't we arrive and start our work only a few days ago? Then why are we already preparing everything for the arrival of our next team? To answer this question myself: probably, because our two-week mission as first medical team in the Philippines is indeed already approaching its end.

In the meantime, much water has flown down the various rivers to the north of Manila Bay. Plenty of water, to be more exact. It was among others the waters of Papanga River and of the Labangan Channel that caused the worst floods in almost 40 years in the Bulacan and Papanga Districts, where we worked.

And these circumstances were aggravated even further due to the fact that since the eruption of Mount Pinatubo the riverbeds and channels could no longer contain so much water, as the volcanic ashes covered their grounds in thick layers.

And hence, this disaster once more affects the poorest of the poor: people whose only source of income was fish farming and whose fish stocks were simply swept away by the floods.

Tomorrow, we are going to work in one of these regions. In the remote, expansive regions of Maniango and Bulac of Minalin city, where almost 2000 persons are waiting for medical aid.

Aid extended by the humedica doctor team and our local partner organisation Operation Blessing Philippines, the first medical mission since the devastating typhoons "Nesat" and "Nalgae" hit land on Luzon Island.

The polluted water among other things causes gastrointestinal, respiratory and infectious diseases and skin infections. Photo: humedica/Dieter Schmidt

Dear friends of humedica, please also contribute to helping the people in the Philippines. Apart from medical care they will soon need support with reconstruction and clearing work. humedica will also offer help in this field by means of so-called "non-food-items". Thank you very much for your support!

Kind regards to Germany,
Yours Dieter Schmidt"

An urgent appeal of coordinator Dieter Schmidt to you, dear friends and sponsors, to support our flood relief measures in Asia. The generous support of the German Federal Foreign Office has already allowed us to send out a first relief team.

Next Saturday, on October 15, 2011, a second humedica team will set out for the Philippines. The team consists of Dr. Rashid Al Badi (Tübingen), nurse Cindy Chielens (Moorslede/Belgium), coordinator David Hoffmann (Utting) and media coordinator Margret Müller (Berlin).

Please make a targeted donation to support our relief measures in the Philippines and Thailand, where the relief measures are organised in cooperation with local partners. Thank you very much!

      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference “Flood Relief Philippines
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

You can also support us in a secure, fast and simple way by means of sending at text message: Simply send a text message containing the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90. By doing so, you will make a donation of 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica disaster relief projects.

Our help is only feasible with your help. Thank you very much! Photo: humedica/Dieter Schmidt

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