Welcome, Mr Ambassador

by Simone Winneg,  2011/08/19

After a holiday at home in Germany, Simone Winneg returned to Kollo only a few days ago, when a high-ranking guest announced his visit: the new German Ambassador to Niger, His Excellency Dr Gordon Kricke, took out a lot of time for the interesting humedica establishment and in the end expressed his praise for the work of our team.

Informative tour with a high-ranking guest: coordinator Simone Winneg led His Excellency the Ambassador Gordon Kricke around the humedica hospital in Kollo. Photo: humedica

The representative of the Federal Republic of Germany was welcomed properly by the dignitaries of the community of Kollo and of the Department. Such high-ranking guests are an exception in Kollo and therefore the Mayor and community representatives felt all the more honoured and proud!

Grateful for the welcome and impressed by the reception, the Ambassador expressed his praise for the cooperation of local dignitaries with the Nigerien authorities.

During a tour around the hospital he could convince himself of the various offers and the current state of the project: humedica does not only offer basic medical care, birthing assistance and in-patient treatment to the local population of Kollo and its surroundings, but also diverse laboratory services and high-quality drugs, as well as the nutrition programme, that has in the meantime become a permanent part of our services.

Although the humedica hospital is small in terms of available space, it nevertheless offers a large variety of possibilities! And these possibilities are day by day taken advantage of by an excellent, motivated team.

Every time I do such a tour around the hospital, I personally notice how large the hospital has become. Even though, as His Excellency the Ambassador Kricke pointed out, it actually is a very young establishment with its only two and a half years.

Within only 29 months the hospital expanded step by step: the number of permanent employees increased from 13 to 28. The laboratory is permanently expanding its services; the new in-patient ward and the birthing ward were added only a year ago.

And not to mention our nutrition programme, that has been providing necessary additional food to the humedica hospital and eight remote health stations for more than a year now.

And as if that were not enough, there are numerous plans regarding further projects. For some time now, we have been thinking about establishing a separate birthing centre. Then we could provide sufficient room and the necessary conditions for women to give birth under safe and hygienic conditions.

Group photo in front of an admirable project as proper conclusion to a successful visit. Photo: humedica

Development like this is not a matter of fact in Africa and it could only be implemented in this effective and continuous way thanks to the cooperation of numerous people. You, dear friends and sponsors, have probably contributed the largest part to and thanks to you we are able to implement this wonderful, immensely useful project here in Africa.

The fact that also the German Federal Foreign Office made generous financial contributions to our disaster relief measures during the famine (2010) and the meningitis vaccination campaign (2009), and that the institution continues supporting our hospital in an effective way in the long term, clearly impressed His Excellency, the Ambassador Kricke and caused him to be proud of the humedica project.

Dear friends and sponsors: beyond the large disasters that humedica again and again commits itself to overcome, wonderful projects such as our little hospital in Kollo offer long-term aid and future perspectives to people who depend on this aid. Please support also this project with your targeted donation. Thank you very much.

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Please also make a donation via our online form or by means of sending a text message: send the reference DOC to +49 8 11 90 and your mobile bill will be charged with 5 euros, with 4.83 euros of this amount being directly channelled into the humedica relief projects.

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