“Suddenly, our hut was flooded with water”

by Maren Kuchler/RBU,  2011/05/27

Maren Kuchler has travelled to Namibia as a coordinator together with Jörg Eich. Although water levels are slowly decreasing, the people in the north of the country, who are once more affected by heavy floods, still need help.

The young mother Julia with her little daughter, who could be treated by the humedica team. Photo: humedica/Maren Kuchler

While the medical teams will conclude medical treatment projects over the next days, support in the field of reconstruction is still urgently needed, says the 26-year old coordinator in her report below.

“There never used to be floods here. But now this is happening already the fourth year in a row. When we woke up one morning, our hut was suddenly flooded with water”, tells Julia, 18 years old. Like thousands of other people she has been living at a so-called “Relocation Centre” for two months and half.

These Relocation Centres are refugee camps, where those affected by the floods are provided with the bare necessities. The young mother is queuing up with her little daughter Meggie, who is suffering from diarrhoea, in order to be treated by the humedica doctor team.

This day, Dr Markus Hohlweck, Katharina Plenk and Daniela Kampmeyer have travelled to a camp called Ekuku, close to the city of Oshataki, in order to treat patients. About 1300 people are living in tents due to the floods. The large tents are shared by three to five families. There is no room for privacy. And neither are there sufficient toilets and showers.

The typical diseases our doctors are faced with in the flood regions are diarrhoea, vomiting, skin diseases caused by dismal hygienic conditions and continuous humidity, troubles with eyes or ears and bronchitis as a consequence of living in the wet tents. On this day at Ekuku, our team could treat 74 patients.

And there are still villages that are cut off by the floods and cannot be reached by land. The people living there can only be provided with the bare necessities by helicopters. Food is getting scarce above all in rural areas, and since many fields have been washed away and destroyed by the floods it is to be expected that the next crop will be a meagre one.

Dismal hygienic conditions and the approaching winter substantially contribute to deteriorating living conditions. Photo: humedica/Maren Kuchler

Also a large number of livestock drowned in the floods, which means an existential threat for those living of agriculture. Hence, the nutrition situation of the people in the north of the country will continue to pose ever-increasing challenges over the months to come.

Furthermore, people need blankets, mosquito nets, water cans and hygiene articles. Over the next weeks, humedica is going to focus on distributing such relief goods in Namibia.”

Dear friends and sponsors of our work: despite generous support by the German Federal Foreign Office, we still depend on your help. Please remain at our side and support our efforts to help the people rebuild their basis of existence. Thank you very much.

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