Special shipment for Christian Nambuli

by Maren Kuchler/RBU,  2011/08/09

Before departing for home once more, humedica coordinator Maren Kuchler, who has in the meantime returned to Germany, wrote a report about a case of individual aid that was particularly touching for her. By chance she met Christian Nambuli, who told her about his problem and within a very short time we could provide at least some relief from his misery.

From May to August of this year, Maren Kuchler worked together with humedica in Namibia. Photo: humedica

“During a relief goods distribution that took place several weeks ago we met Christian Nambuli. He is 73 years old, his wife is already deceased, and together with his four children and five grandchildren he lives in the north of Namibia, only a few kilometres from the border to Angola.

He and his family, as well as numerous other persons, were severely affected by this year’s flood: both huts and fields were completely flooded. Crops have been destroyed almost completely, and only one bag of millet could be harvested.

How they are supposed to live of this until the next harvest in about one year, the family does not know. The family’s only income is Christian’s monthly pension, an amount equivalent to 50 euros.

And then there is the fact that Christian has been sitting in a wheelchair for 24 years now. When the flood hit his village, his wheelchair got stuck in the mud and his family was accommodated in another place. Although water levels have receded in the meantime and the huts can be rebuilt, water is still standing around the huts and Christian has not been able to leave his home for months.

Furthermore, his wheelchair is old and damaged by the water. And the wheelchair cannot be folded and therefore – if for once he wants to leave his home e.g. if he needs to go to hospital – taxi drivers refuse to take him and he has to wait by the roadside for hours.

Maren was deeply touched by the immense gratitude for the wheelchair. Photo: humedica

Therefore, we are all the more pleased that we could give Christian a new wheelchair. And not only we are overjoyed. When the old man saw us bringing the wheelchair, tears welled up in his eyes. The entire family gave us profuse thanks; no one expected a surprise like this. Of course he had to “test” the wheelchair immediately.

During our next meeting, Christian told us happily that thanks to the new wheelchair he was now able to sit up by himself once more. And that he could go to the next village with his friends or to church, since his wheelchair now fitted into the trunk of a standard-sized car.

As thanks we were given a huge pumpkin, a gesture so heartfelt that it touched us deeply. This is how the successful day ended in Namibia! We wish you all the best, Christian!”

The story of a man we could help. Help thanks to the great support from Germany that was and is provided to humedica. In this case support was provided in form of a donated wheelchair.

Thank you very much for your confidence in our relief measures in Namibia. Thank you very much on behalf of Christian Nambuli and all the other people we could help by means of medical emergency aid and the distribution of food and relief goods.

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