Pupils of the Konradin Primary School Kaufbeuren run a special donation race

by Steffen Richter,  2010/10/05

It was a special day for the about 200 pupils of the Konradin Primary School, who took part in the event.

Our thanks goes to all 200 children of the Konradin Primary School for their great performance. And we would also like to thank all the sponsors and organisers. Photo: Konradin Primary School

For one day, lessons were turned into a great sports event. And the joint exhaustion had a reason: the donations collected during this special sponsored race were to be as high as possible. At the end of a great event, the substantial sum of 1750 euros had been collected, and headmaster Arthur Müller handed the donations over to humedica.

"This money will be used for our disaster relief projects at the Horn of Africa", explained Clemens Matern, who accepted the donation the pupils had raced for on behalf of humedica. "We support the people by means of deploying medical mission teams and distributing relief goods in Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti."

On this day, the 200 young racers took over control of the sports grounds of the Konradin Primary School and showed a record-braking performance.

"The best racers made 26 rounds of a distance of about 250 metres", stated headmaster Arthur Müller proudly. "All the pupils had great fun and motivated each other."

Per finished round, the sponsors - mostly parents, friends or relatives of the children - had declared themselves willing to pay a fixed amount. The fact that in the end Arthur Müller could hand over a total sum of 1750 euros is proof of the amazing joint effort of all those involved.

"We are very grateful for this commitment which certainly is not a matter of fact", emphasised humedica representative Clemens Matern. "Thank you very much to the school and above all to the committed pupils for this donation."

humedica will support the people at the "Horn of Africa" by means of long-term and targeted projects, and even before the outbreak of the latest famine disaster we had run an office for various relief projects in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Abeba.

Arthur Müller, headmaster of the Konradin Primary School, could hand over a total sum of 1750 euros to humedica. Photo/illustration: humedica

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