Students take a look behind the scenes of humedica and „Gift from the Heart“

by Angelika Landgraf, Stefanie Huisgen,  2011/12/20

The Ludwig-Reinhard School in Kaufbeuren is a special-needs school that focuses on enhancing mental development. A few days ago, twelve students of the vocational school class BS2 visited humedica and were given a tour around the organisation’s premises by humedica employee Clemens Matern.

The class BS2 motivated many classes at their school to put together packages for “Gift from the Heart”. Photo: Ludwig-Reinhard School

Step by step the young persons aged from 15 to 18 are prepared for adult and professional life. During religious education they have already discussed topics such as “living in a community, helping and sharing”. During one of these lessons, their curriculum also included the topic of relief organisations and this motivated the students to do good themselves.

The school contacted the local relief organisation and they were offered to take part in the Christmas gift campaign. And hence, the students wrapped shoe boxed in colourful paper for “Gift from the Heart” – a teaching unit that combined professional training and social commitment.

At the special-needs school the students are shown various different working techniques, and they learn to use various materials. This is to prepare them for work at a workshop for disabled persons, which is the path most of the students are going to take.

As the parents of one student own a shoe shop, supply with shoe boxes was granted. Gift wrapping paper and glue sticks were provided by humedica – and everyone started working.

The class BS2 was particularly pleased about a visit by Clemens Matern during their lesson. The humedica employee in charge of logistics for “Gift from the Heart” told the interested students about the work and the mission of humedica employees and doctor teams, and about the Christmas gift campaign in a very descriptive way.

The young persons demonstrated great interest during their tour around the humedica premises and they were particularly impressed by the colourful hustle and bustle at the warehouse. Photo: Ludwig-Reinhard School

The presentation caused such impression with the students that they were eager to contribute to this work and therefore packed some parcels with little gifts by themselves. By means of the school news, they spread the news of their commitment for humedica, and in this way they motivated many other classes to take part in the gift campaign, too.

The BS2 and the Ludwig-Reinhard School were pleased to accept an offer by humedica to visit the relief organisation’s premises in person. Before the visit, the young people were particularly excited to find out what would happen to their parcels at the warehouse.

The students were very pleased about being taken on a tour around the premises by Clemens Matern, and being shown the various offices”, explained Angelika Landgraf, secondary school teacher in service of the special-needs school. “It was very nice of him to take out so much time for us and to explain everything extensively. Above all the warehouse with the many busy assistants, at whose table we were allowed to have our lunch break, caused a lingering impression on the young students.”

Not only did the offices of the “nice employees”, who were pleased to explain their particular fields of responsibility to the young visitors, cause keen interest, but also a short visit to the drug warehouse offered a fascinating insight.

We will by all means continue to wrap shoe boxes and we will definitely also take part in next year’s ‘Gift from the Heart’ campaign”, promised Angelika Landgraf.

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