"The most terrible place I have ever seen in my life"

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/03/26

While in German cities like Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, opponents of nuclear power are demonstrating for a phase-out, the fight against a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima I nuclear power plant in Japan is going on. According to latest news, also the adjoining Pacific Ocean has been declared to be partially contaminated by radioactivity. In the meantime, the Japanese partner organisations of humedica are still tirelessly providing relief goods to the victims of the earthquake and the following tsunami that occurred two weeks ago.

Pastor Rick Justus (right), his son Caleb (left) and another assistant of the community before their departure to Ishinomaki. Photo: private

On yesterday's Friday alone, assistants of the "Living Water Fellowship" community distributed several tons of food, water, blankets and hygiene articles. Two tons of these goods were received by about 600 homeless persons who have found shelter at a school in Ishinomaki.

"This was the most terrible place I have ever seen in my life", said Minister Rick Justus. "The city looked like a war zone. The extent of destruction was indescribable. Of the entire city, the school was the only building that could still be used."

It is obvious how hard it is on Minister Rick to talk about the people's fate and the distribution at this place of devastation. But seeing the situation of these children, women and men, who became victims to the twofold disaster, is also the reason that drives him to help.

"It is innate to the Japanese culture and personality never to complain. Even in situations of greatest misery they do not want to be a burden on anyone. At the same time, they are the ones bearing the heaviest burden on their shoulders. Although they do not complain, we want to help them, as it is heartbreaking to see that they have lost everything", told Minister Rick sadly.

After he and three assistants of his community had provided relief goods to several hundreds of children, women and men at the school, they drove on to two more villages further in the north, where the extent of destruction and people's misery were similarly severe. Although they were told that there were distributions of food and drinking water organised by the government, these distributions were too far away for many people - in particular the elderly - to reach them.

Deeply depressed, Minister Rick reported that Ishinomaki looked like a war zone. It was the most terrible place he had ever seen in his life. We need your support for reconstruction! Photo: private/James Coble

"In many small communities, women and men cannot or do not want to go to reception camps or attend distributions run by the government", explained Minister Rick. "Some of them cannot make the long way. Others want to stay at their home villages even though they have lost everything. They feel they belong to the place and do not want to lose this, too. It is those persons we can reach with our aid."

Thanks to the funds provided by humedica, the distributions of food, drinking water and blankets against the freezing cold can be continued. Places such as Ishinomaki are also proof of the urgent need for long-term support in the field of reconstruction. Dear friends and sponsors of humedica, please stay at our side also in future.

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