Chaotic situation in the disaster region - assessment and first relief measures planned to start soon

by SRI,  2011/03/12

After the heavy earthquake, that triggered a massive tsunami and destroyed large parts of the Pacific coastline, the situation in Japan remains chaotic. This was confirmed by humedica coordinator Ruth Bücker, who reached Tokyo in the early morning (CET) together with a team of relief assistants.

After the heavy earthquake and the massive tsunami, the situation in Japan is dramatic; however, the most serious threat is clearly posed by two severely damaged nuclear power plants. Photo: alertnet/REUTERS

Besides the large-scale damage that was caused by the quake and the tsunami, the Japanese authorities are facing serious problems due to the state of two nuclear power plants in Fukushima. By now it has become clear that radioactive caesium is leaking from a damaged nuclear reactor in Fukushima and that the threat of a nuclear meltdown is becoming ever more imminent.

Depending on the security situation, with logistic and organisational support by the employees of a local partner and headed by a Japanese coordinator, the experienced humedica team will soon travel to the disaster region. There, they will assess the possibilities of offering first relief measures in consultation with the authorities.

"I am sure that in face of the dramatic situation, our help will be welcome", said humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß at the German headquarters on Saturday morning. "We dispose of very effective contacts in the country, but of course our help will be offered in consultation with the authorities and depending on the security situation."

In cooperation with the German Institute for Disaster Medicine (Tübingen), humedica sent a first mission and assessment team to Japan.

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