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by Ruth Bücker,  2011/10/07

+++ humedica team arrives in the Philippines +++ They married - and offered help +++ An unexpected prize - donated to humedica +++ Jams for a one-month salary +++ Not turning the world upside down, but at least improving it +++ Announcement: dance event offers something for everyone +++

humedica team arrives in the Philippines

Within only a few days the inhabitants of the Philippines, in particular of the main island of Luzon, were faced with not only one, but two typhoons. Last Tuesday, a humedica team of four members set out for Manila in order to help the victims of the storms.

Floods, destruction, a lack of drinking water, of food and medical care: after consulting with the long-term humedica partner, Operation Blessing, it soon became clear that the help of humedica is more then welcome.

Coordinator Dieter Schmidt, the doctors Dr. Irmgard Harms, Dr. Philip Fischer and nurse Nancy Schmidt have already arrived and are currently travelling northwards to the region where the two storms raged and where - according to estimates of the United Nations - a total of almost 3 million people were or are affected by the consequences.

Please support our relief measures in the Philippines with a targeted donation:
      humedica e.V.
      Donation reference “Typhoons Philippines
      Account 47 47
      Bank Code 734 500 00
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

They married - and offered help

"God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him." (1. John 4, 16b). This was the wedding motto of Stefanie and Christian Müller, who celebrated their wedding on September 17, 2011. The two young people from Baden-Württemberg tied the knot at the evangelical Johanneskirche in Urnagold.

Just married: the bridal couple Stefanie and Christian Müller. Photo: private

On this special day, on their big day, the newlyweds, however, did not only think of themselves and their wedding guests. "We took advantage of the occasion of our wedding in order to help the children in East Africa", writes the young couple after their wedding day.

"We came to know about your committed relief efforts from media reports. Therefore, we would like to donate the offertory of our wedding service to your organisation to be used for these children." We would like to thank the newlywed couple for their donation of 400 euros, which proves that everyone can help and live charity in action in everyday-live and on any special days.

Stefanie and Christian Müller ended their letter to the humedica headquarters with the following words, which we gratefully pass on to our mission team members who are currently active in disaster zones like among others in the Philippines: "We would like to wish you strength and endurance for your hard and dangerous work also in future."

An unexpected prize - donated to humedica

Unexpected was the prize received by Theresia Kohler from Horgau. As many times before, she was sitting in front of her TV and watching a "very nice housewife programme" she knew well. As every time, the audience was asked to participate in a quiz.

Ms Kohler took her telephone - and was put through to the TV studio in order to play a quiz game against another caller. The quiz queen with heart was successful and won 300 euros.

At first she had thought about what she could buy for herself, said Theresia Kohler during an interview. But then she had remembered the numerous reports about the misery of the people in East Africa and she had said to herself: "Really! Instead of buying something for myself, I should rather donate the money to help the people in East Africa."

No sooner said than done: Ms Kohler donated a large share of her prize money to humedica to support the relief measures at the Horn of Africa. We would like to wish her every success for future quiz games and would like to thank her for the donation.

Jams for a one-month salary

The fact that it is not always necessary to organise large-scale charity campaigns, to dispose of large rooms or to have the corresponding possibilities in order to do good is also proved by the following story: sometimes a few berries, sugar and a good idea are enough to live charity in action.

Hanna (on the left) and her friend went from house to house selling their home-made jams. Photo: private

That also was the idea of Hanna from Oberammergau. Together with her mother she prepared jams made from the berries of her neighbour's garden. Then she went from house to house together with her friend and offered the neighbours the sweet treat in exchange for a small donation.

With her idea, Hanna collected 70 euros, and since humedica employee Florian Klinner, who had accompanied the relief flight to Kenya, also comes from Oberammergau, she donated the money to humedica. Her mother rounded up the sum and hence the total donation amounted to 100 euros.

We are absolutely delighted that in our society even the young generation can make such achievements with creative ideas and motivation and would like to thank you, dear Hanna. After all, in the East African countries affected by the drought, 100 euros correspond to the monthly salary of a full-time security guard and with a salary of this amount he provides for his entire family.

Not turning the world upside down, but at least improving it

There are numerous persons like the bridal couple Müller, young Hanna or the winner of the quiz game, Theresia Kohler, who reach out a hand to us in order to offer help together. So did for example also the Frankenried Theatre Club.

"The foundation of the Frankenried Theatre Club certainly did not turn the world upside down", the hobby actors write on their homepage. But the donation of 500 euros they collected during a "Colourful Evening", definitely contributed to improving the world to some degree.

We would like to thank the actors and actresses for their commitment and the enthusiasm they show when it comes to committing themselves to charity purposes also beyond the limits of their theatre club.

Announcement: dance event offers something for everyone

The result of a charity dance event that will take place on November 05 of this year in Hegge near Kempten (Allgäu) is, in turn, still outstanding. For the purpose of this event, the gym will be turned into a party room and participants will dance and celebrate for humedica.

"Every move that touches our souls leaves behind a trace in us that will never fade again." (Lore-Lillian Boden)

During the past five years, operator Michael Liebig organised this dance event for women and men in their prime once per year. The admission of 7 euros per person is worth it on the one hand, because various DJs will provide the right atmosphere by playing songs of the last 40 years.

And, on the other hand, 5 euros of the admission will be donated to social institutions, among others also to humedica. "The dance event offers something for everyone both with regard to the drinks and to the music", says Michael Liebig. The result in terms of donation moneys now lies in your hands, dear friends.

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