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by Daria Napieraj, Sven Ramones,  2011/03/25

+++ Around the world by bicycle +++ Special account for donations to Japan +++ Contributions on TV: work at prisons and relief supplies for Quechua Indians +++

Around the world by bicycle

To tour around the world by bicycle - this is the ambitious aim of Heinz Allgaier. He is planning to drive a distance of 58,000 kilometres in about 2 years. For each kilometre he drives, a donation of one euro is to be made. This money will then be donated to the South African project "Sibongile - day and night care center".

This partner project of humedica is located close to Cape Town and it is aimed at caring for children suffering from infantile cerebral palsy and other severe disabilities. The care centres are open 24/7.

In the meantime, Sibongile employs twelve women from the township, all of whom have a big heart for the children. Photo: humedica

"In many countries disabled children and their parents are ostracised- this applies also to South Africa. Common thinking is that their disability is caused by a curse. And people are afraid that this curse could be "passed on" to all those dealing with disabled children/persons. Therefore, families abandon their disabled children or hide them at home in order to evade ostracism by their fellow citizens", explains Heinz Allgaier.

He supports Sibongile in order to help these children. There, they receive loving care and their physical, emotional and mental abilities are fostered.

With the "tour of his life", as Heinz Allgaier refers to it, he wants to contribute to improving the living conditions for many children in Sibongile and to make them happier.

The bicycle tour is planned to start on May 2, 2011 from Nesselwang in the Allgäu. You can find further information about the bicycle tour around the world and about Sibongile by clicking on the following links.

Bicycle tour around the world:


Special account for donations to Japan

In order to support the work of humedica in Japan, the Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Memmingen has set up a special account. By means of this account, the people's bank intends to make a contribution to disaster relief measures and campaigns for their customers to support the work of humedica.

The money transferred to this account will be channelled into running and future relief projects implemented by humedica and its partners in Japan.

humedica would like to thank the Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Memmingen and all the donors and sponsors for their support.

You can find further information about the donation account by clicking on the following link.

Contributions on TV: work at prisons and relief supplies for Quechua Indians

Although the work of humedica generally focuses on fast medical aid in emergency and disaster situations, the fields of activity of humedica are indeed much more diverse.

One of these fields of activity is the cooperation with the acquainted organisation Prison Fellowship International (PFI). In the framework of this programme, numerous humedica doctors, as well as medical staff and ministers have already travelled to prisons in third world countries with the objective of offering urgently needed help to ill prisoners, who would not receive help otherwise.

The humedica team with Dr Christine Siebald on a mission in Zimbabwe. Photo: humedica

One of the honorary team members is the German physician Dr Christine Siebald. She has already taken part in several humedica missions at prisons - most recently in Zimbabwe. During a highly interesting interview with Evangeliums Rundfunk ERF, she tells about the experiences and impressions she has gained and about the backgrounds of her commitment for social outcasts at prisons in the third world.

Apart from that, humedica has also been offering regular support in the field of relief supplies from the very beginning of the programme. One of the beneficiaries of this important field of activity is the "Suyana Diospi Hospital" in Peru. This institution has been supplied with drug shipments for several years.

Founded in September 2007 by the German doctor couple Dr Martina and Dr Klaus-Dieter John, the hospital offers medical treatment and education to the socially-disadvantaged group of the Quechua Indians living in the Peruvian mountains.

Dr Klaus-Dieter John has also been invited by Evangeliums Rundfunk and he told about the work of the Suyana Diospi Hospital in Peru.
You can find the interviews here.

Interview with Christine Siebald

Interview with Dr. Klaus-Dieter John

Link Prison Fellowship International (PFI)

Hospital Suyana Piospi

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