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Februar 2011

by Ruth Bücker,  2011/02/08

+++Oxygen is essential for life - so is measuring it+++Three decades of support+++Theory and practise at humedica+++For stocks but not for storing+++

Oxygen is essential for life - so is measuring it

Dr Markus Hohlweck has already taken part in seven humedica missions, among others in Benin. Photo: humedica/Judith Kühl

A healthy adult breathes in and out about twelve times per minute. The breathing frequency that is necessary to provide the body of a healthy newborn and all its internal organs with oxygen is 40 to 50 breaths per minute.

However, if the body does not receive sufficient oxygen, this can weaken the immune system and in the worst case cause permanent damage to internal organs and the brain. In order to check if a person's blood oxygen is too low, a blood sample or a measurement with a so-called pulse oximeter needs to be taken. Both measurement methods are mostly not available in less developed countries.

Thanks to the generous donation of Dr Markus Hohlweck, humedica was able to counteract this problem at the hospitals in India and Niger that are supported by humedica. Last year, the doctor from Bonn, Germany, who has already taken part in several humedica missions, donated six of these measurement and controlling devices.

The additional material that had furthermore been donated enables staff members at both of the above mentioned hospitals to make this examination without having to take blood samples, only by fastening an external clip. This method can be used both for adults and for newborn children. Thank you very much, dear Markus Hohlweck.

Three decades of support

When humedica was still in its early stages and when Wolfgang Groß (photo) and his brother were still doing everything by themselves, the former Lord Mayor Rudolf Krause was already supporting them. Photo: humedica

"The former Lord Mayor of Kaufbeuren, Rudolf Krause, was our first supporter. Right from day one he encouraged my brother and me to realise our idea of helping others and to found humedica." Even today, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß remembers this initial support with immense gratitude.

31 years have passed since the first meeting with former Lord Mayor Rudolf Krause. Three decades in which humedica has developed further and has offered help to needy people in more than 90 countries. Three decades in which a lot has changed, but the support of Mr Krause has always remained the same.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, former Lord Mayor Rudolf Krause once more demonstrated his solidarity towards humedica and called for support for the international relief efforts. He asked the invited guests to make targeted donations to humedica instead of giving him birthday presents.

The reception will take place on Wednesday, February 11, 2011, at the town hall. We would like to thank Mr Krause for his support in our initial stages and over the following 31 years, and wish him all the best and God's blessings for his birthday and his future. Thank you very much, dear Mr Krause.

Theory and Practice at humedica

Efficient logistics are indispensable - this opinion is shared also by the students of the University of Münster and now they want to compare theory to practice. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

Over the more than three decades of its existence, humedica has already transported thousands of tons of drugs, medical devices, hospital furniture, toys and much more to various project countries. In order to make all these drugs and materials reach their destinations, highly complex logistics are necessary.

Students of the course Business Informatics and Logistics of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster decided to approach this field of international humanitarian logistics, created a theoretical reference task model, and visited humedica in order to compare their theoretically acquired knowledge to practice.

The five students headed by certified (Diplom) logistician and team leader Daniel Link spent two days in Kaufbeuren in order to get to know the work of humedica, to compare it to theory and eventually to make suggestions regarding process optimisation. We are looking forward to receiving the results of this comparison between theory and practice and would like to thank the students and the Head of Chair for their interest and

For stocks but not for storing

humedica employee Hermann Schäffler is pleased about the donated electric forklift truck. Photo: humedica/Joachim Panhans

A donation in kind that has recently been made by the company GRUMA Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH is another enrichment to our logistics department. With the objective of facilitating the work of the humedica employees working at our warehouse, the company based in Friedberg yet again donated a so-called electric forklift truck.

This electric forklift truck enables us to lift and transport pallets that are heavier than those we could work with before. Furthermore, using such a vehicle means a reduction of the employees' physical efforts and a substantial increase of load capacity. It also facilitates lifting down boxes and pallets from the uppermost storage racks.

We would like to thank the company GRUMA Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH for this donation with a value of about 4,000 euros.

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