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Dezember 2011

by Stefanie Huisgen,  2011/12/19

+++Double help for people at the Horn of Africa+++One year’s offertory for Nova Friburgo+++Support for people in misery in East Africa+++Chartiy concert for “Gift from the Heart”+++Farmers donate more than 10,000 euros for relief measures in East Africa+++

Double help for people at the Horn of Africa

For this year’s festival week Allgäuer Festwoche in Kempten, the local pharmacy Bahnhof-Apotheke has come up with a special campaign in order to call attention to the misery of the people in East Africa in these busy festive times. Under the motto “We double your donation!” the owner of the pharmacy, Dietmar Wolz, intends to motivate the visitors of the festival week to make donations.

Joachim Panhans (2. from the left) receives the donation of pharmacy owner Dietmar Wolz and two of his employees. Photo: humedica

The famine in East Africa concerns all of us. Being active in the health sector ourselves, we have a particular obligation regarding the people’s well-being”, explains Dietmar Wolz about his motivation for the campaign. Those who were willing to contribute a donation for the famine relief at the Horn of Africa, were given a free health check in return by the pharmacy team.

The takings of the festival week campaign, as well as of an adjoining four-week collection campaign at the pharmacy Bahnhof-Apotheke, its hospital subsidiary, as well as the pharmacy Rochus Apotheke in Kempten were doubled by their owners, as promised, and in the end a sum of 2,000 euros could be handed over to humedica. The same amount was donated to the organisation “Pharmacists without Borders”.

Dietmar Wolz was highly pleased about the great readiness to make a donation on part of the festival guests, his customers and his employees: “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my customers and my team, for making this donation possible.” Also humedica would like to thank all the donors and the pharmacy team for their support.

One year’s offertory for Nova Friburgo

During every children’s service in the year 2011, the parish of St. Johannes Wasserburg at Lake Constance has collected donations for humedica. In this way, about 190 euros have been collected for charity purposes.

Now, Claudia Grunwald is pleased to hand over this year’s offertory of the children’s service to humedica. The parish intends to support a relief project in Brazil. Since 1994, humedica has been running a children’s village in the region of Nova Friburgo.

The parish’s decision to support the long-term commitment of humedica in Nova Friburgo with the funds they had raised, was above all motivated by the heavy landslides that occurred in Brazil in January of this year. humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the donors and the parish of St. Johannes Wasserburg for their commitment for the people of Nova Friburgo.

Support for people in misery in East Africa

humedica is pleased about financial support by the foundation Katholische Kirchenstiftung St. Martin Batzenhofen in favour of the relief measures at the Horn of Africa. The parish donated an amount of 1,820 euros, which is to be used for fighting the famine in East Africa.

The relief measures of humedica focus above all on the Ethiopian region surrounding Dollo Addo at the Somali border. humedica is currently running two health centres in Melkdadida, at the largest refugee camp.

Also next year, humedica will continue its commitment at the Horn of Africa and would like to thank the foundation Kirchenstiftung St. Martin Batzenhofen for this financial support.

Charity concert for “Gift from the Heart”

Every three to four years, the folk band Obermindeltaler Musikanten from Willofs organises a charity concert. With their music, the 45 musicians not only want to entertain their audience, but at the same time they want to support people in misery. “With every charity concert we want to support another non-profit institution or organisation. We always try to support local organisations”, said Michael Fiener.

This year, the Obermindeltaler Musikanten approached humedica with their idea of organising a charity concert in favour of the Christmas gift campaign “Gift from the Heart”. “We heard of ‘Gift from the Heart’ on the radio, as the radio station Bayern 3 has frequently brought reports about the campaign”, explained Robert Bräckle. “So we thought that this year we would like to play for children in misery.”

On behalf of their band colleagues, Michael Fiener (left) and Robert Bräckle (right) handed over the donation cheque to humedica employee Joachim Panhans. Photo: humedica/Stefanie Huisgen

More than 350 excited guests assembled at the Basilika of Ottobeuren on November 27, 2011, in order to hear the Obermindeltaler Musikanten play. The renowned musicians knew how to entertain their audience with their broad repertoire. Their music ranged from classical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach to pop songs by Michael Jackson.

On this November afternoon, the substantial sum of 1,779 euros could be collected, and Michael Fiener and Robert Bräckle were pleased to hand over the donation to Joachim Panhans, the humedica employee in charge of the “Gift from the Heart” campaign. humedica is particularly pleased about this financial contribution to the Christmas gift campaign, since in our overseas project countries, the packages are put together directly on site by means of targeted donations. humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the donors, as well as to the Obermindeltaler Musikanten for their admirable commitment!

Farmers donate more than 10,000 euros for relief measures in East Africa

The farmers of the Mühlbachebene in Sulz-Holzhausen donated more than 10,000 euros to humedica. With this money they intend to support the organisation’s relief measures in East Africa. humedica board member Waltraud Walz went to receive the donation.

In the framework of a lecture programme of the “Pro Mühlbachebene” Initiative, Waltraud Walz informed the interested farmers about the fact the humedica was particularly active in the Ethiopian region surrounding Dollo Ado. humedica is currently offering support at two health centres at the refugee camp at the Somali border.

Besides the donation collection by the farmers, also the association “Helfende Hände” (Helping Hands) from Dorhan called for financial support. By means of a donation call, the association collected 2,640 euros. A cheque of the corresponding amount had been handed over to Waltraud Walz on the previous day. “Every child saved is a success”, said Christa Heinzelmann, a member of the association.

humedica would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the farmers as well as to the association “Helfende Hände” for their generous and magnificent donation for supporting the relief measures in East Africa. Their donation contributes to relieving the people in the crisis area at the Horn of Africa of their hunger.

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