humedica headlines April 2011

humedica- Schlagzeilen April 2011

by Daria Napieraj,  2011/04/12

+++ 1,282 spectacles for humedica +++ Salvator strong beer tasting for charity purposes +++ "Sternstunden" supports humedica +++ "Ohrwerk" donates 1,000 euros for Japan +++

1,282 spectacles for humedica

At the beginning of April, the optician shop "Single Optik" handed over a donation in kind comprising 1,282 spectacles to humedica on their own initiative.

Master optician Mr Single and Ms Zahn handed over the donation to humedica employee Ruth Bücker. Photo: humedica/Daria Napieraj

Also before that, the Sonthofen-based specialist optician shop had already organised several spectacles donations for charity purposes. This time, the shop owner decided to hand over the donation to humedica.

Customers return spectacles they no longer use to the optician shop. There, the glasses are cleaned and minor damage is fixed. The overhauled spectacles were collected and stored for a longer period of time, and eventually handed over to humedica.

The shop, which is located in Grüntenstrasse 15, is planning to continue this commitment and will be pleased to accept used spectacles also in future.

humedica would like to thank "Single Optik" and the optician's customers for their support in the form of this useful donation in kind.

Salvator strong beer tasting for charity purposes

Every year, local and regional celebrities are invited to celebrate the beginning of the strong beer season at "Kurhotel Luitpold" in Bad Wörishofen. In the framework of this event, one of these celebrities is awarded the Salvator Mug of Honour for outstanding merits. At this year's Salvator strong beer tasting, a member of the German Bundestag, Stefan Stracke, was awarded the famous prize.

This annual event is not only about recognising and honouring services rendered, but also about supporting charity institutions in future.

For the donation handover, Mayor Klaus Holetschek (from left to right) invited Ms Hildegard Stapfer of Kurhotel Luitpold, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß and Mr Winfried Stapfer to the town hall of Bad Wörishofen. Photo: Ms Donath

The Kurhotel asked the guests to make a donation for this purpose in the framework of this event. In the past years, the collected donations were for example invested in kindergartens, the town's youth work programmes, the animal shelter in Beckstetten, the multi-generational house, and other useful institutions, or to support the socially deprived in Bad Wörishofen.

This year, the Management of Kurhotel Luitpold and Klaus Holetschek, First Mayor of the town of Bad Wörishofen, decided to hand over the donations to humedica. This decision was based above all on the desire to help those affected by the disaster in Japan.

humedica CEO Wolfang Groß received the donation of 800 euros in person and informed the audience about the work humedica had already done in cooperation with its partners in Japan and about what kind of relief measures were being planned for the future.

Thanks to donation moneys, humedica is able to make a contribution to overcoming the continuing crisis situation in Japan. humedica would like to thank all those involved for this opportunity.

"Sternstunden" supports humedica

The event "Tent City with Heart - Active for Haiti" took place on Marienplatz in Munich. Besides twelve other relief organisations, also humedica presented the work that had already been done in Haiti and reminded of the still disastrous situation prevailing in the Caribbean island state.

humedica employee Verena Göttlich, project manager for Haiti, received the donation cheque of a total sum of 113,819 euros. Photo: humedica/Daria Napieraj

One of the numerous visitors at the humedica information stand was Marianne Lüddeckens of Sternstunden e.V.. The Munich-based organisation endeavours to help children and adolescents in misery. Financial support is above all provided to children's aid projects in Bavaria and Germany, but also to some chosen foreign charity projects for children.

In the framework of the event "Tent City with Heart - Active for Haiti", Marianne Lüddeckens, who is in charge of managing foreign projects at Sternstunden, handed over a symbolic cheque of 113,819 euros to humedica.

In the past, Sternstunden had already provided financial support to medical care projects for pregnant women and mothers with children, which were run by humedica immediately after the earthquake in January 2011. Currently, they are contributing to the reconstruction of a primary and secondary school in Maribial, as well as of the adjoining kindergarten and the joint dining room.

Thank you very much also for this generous support humedica has received from "Sternstunden".

"Ohrwerk" donates 1,000 euros for Japan

The company J. Rickert Hörtechnik GmbH, also known by the name "Ohrwerk", took initiative in order to contribute to easing misery in Japan. For this purpose, the hearing and acoustic aid supplier donated 1,000 euros to humedica.

Company director Mr Saveur handed over the donation cheque to humedica. Photo: humedica/Steffen Richter

Company director Mr Saveur is employed at the "Ohrwerk" branch in Peißenberg. On occasion of the donation handover, Saveur, who was born in Kaufbeuren, visited humedica and took advantage of this visit in order to take part in a tour around the humedica headquarters and to inform himself about current relief projects in Japan.

With the objective of helping people in misery, the hearing aid specialists had already made donations during earlier disasters.

humedica would like to thank J. Rickert Hörtechnik GmbH for their donation and their commitment for those living in misery in Japan.

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