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by Ruth Bücker, Sven Ramones,  2011/05/20

+++Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary help+++Bicycle tour around the world: “The Call of the Black Sea”+++Announcement: charity concert for humedica projects +++Hygiene packs for fighting germs+++

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary help

The circumstances prevailing in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and in particular in the rough terrains outside the big cities present those making their way by foot with various challenges. There are extremely steep slopes, some streets consist more of potholes than of actual level roads and outside the cities roads mostly resemble foot paths.

Special wheelchairs that are adjusted to the conditions of the terrain facilitate every-day life for their users. Photo: private

However, the effort made by someone who is walking through this terrain is nothing compared to the exertions of those who depend on the use of wheelchairs since the earthquake in January. Using a normal wheelchair, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to move through the undulating terrains of Haiti.

In order to facilitate movement to at least 180 wheelchair users, humedica and the Association of Protestant Churches of Turkey sent the same number of Wheelchairs of the type Roughrider to Haiti. While the Association of Protestant Churches of Turkey donated the wheelchairs, humedica financed and organised the logistics.

We are very pleased about this successful cooperation and by the fact that thanks to those more robust wheelchairs, which are particularly built for moving through rough terrain, we can facilitate every-day life to the already hard-hit victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Bicycle tour around the world: „The Call of the Black Sea”

From Germany via Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia to Bulgaria: this is the way Heinz Allgaier has already travelled since the beginning of his bicycle tour around the world on May 2nd of this year.

During the past few weeks, Heinz pedalled so enthusiastically that he has recently reached his self-set aim of travelling a distance of 600 kilometres per day. “I’ve travelled 708 kilometres this week. This means I’ve gained one day which I am going to spend at the Black Sea,” he writes on his homepage.

708 kilometres more that he travelled for charity purposes. The donations that Heinz is expecting to collect in parallel to the number of kilometres of his journey over the next two years will be given to the humedica partner project Sibongile Day & Night Care Centre. Please make a donation to support Heinz and by doing so the children we are taking care of in South Africa.

Announcement: charity concert for humedica projects

Quirin Kapfhammer is only ten years old, but his commitment for people in misery is remarkable. With the help of his mother, of friends and relatives, Quirin invites a large number of popular and famous musicians and bands.

In autumn this year, artists from the folk music genre will give a charity concert for supporting the humedica relief projects.

Under the motto “A Herzerl für Kinder” (A Heart for Children), the highly popular folk music trio Zillertal Pur, the evening’s highlight, is looking forward to entertaining the guests with traditional folk music during the evening. They will be reinforced by an elite of renowned artists from the folk music genre.

Entertainment will be provided by Gitta and Hubert Klausner, Die Hoglbuachan Sasdndengla, and also Quirin Kapfhammer himself, alias Gstanzl Quirin, will give a sample of his talent.

With this idea, Quirin intends to make a contribution to the relief projects humedica is running in Haiti and Brazil. The needy children who still depend on support after the earthquake in Haiti and the landslides in Brazil are particularly close to his heart.

The concert will take place on October 22, 2011, starting from 5pm at Gasthaus Betz in Oberglaim close to Landshut. Advance ticket sales have already started. Tickets can be bought from the newspaper Landshuter Zeitung (telephone: +49(0)871-850110), and at Kaufhaus Sporer in Wörth.

Hygiene packs for fighting germs

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential for preventing diseases that are caused by bacteria and viruses. Taking particular care of keeping everything clean and hygienic is indispensable above all for staff and inmates at hospitals, children’s homes and other nursing institutions, since germs spread fast in those places.

Therefore, humedica is all the more pleased about a donation in kind of 5,000 so-called “hygiene packs” provided by the disinfectant manufacturer Sagrotan. These hygiene packs will be distributed among institutions in the humedica project countries.

The packs’ total value amounts to 50,000 euros and they consist of a soap dispenser filled with disinfectant soap, a bottle of hand hygiene gel, as well as antibacterial tissues. humedica intends to distribute these hygiene packs among others to nursing institutions it supports in the Ukraine, in Albania and Rumania.

At this point we would once more like to express our heartfelt thanks to Sagrotan for this generous donation which will provide the receivers with a possibility of preventing diseases by means of improved hygiene.

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