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by Steffen Richter, Daria Napieraj, Sven Ramones,  2011/04/30

+++Baking for Japan+++Clean room clothes for medical projects+++ Leipzig prays for Japan+++ Software donated by MAGIX+++Founders support humedica relief projects in Japan+++

Baking for Japan

Not only does the Kindergarten Geisenried (near Marktoberdorf, Germany) contribute to the Christmas gift campaign "Gift from the Heart" every other year, which is organised by humedica and Sternstunden e.V..

humedica employee Joachim Panhans was not only pleased about the donation he was handed over by the children day care centre Geisenried...

During the latest campaign the children attending the day care centre busily baked rolls in order to then donate the takings to humedica with the objective of supporting the disaster relief projects in Japan.

"In the framework of our wheat project "Our Daily Bread" we bake with the children once a year", Gerlinde Haslbauer told us about the day care centre's special project. "For the pre-school children the campaign ends in the field of economics - with selling the rolls and by doing so turning their bread into bread for the world."

At the end of the project, a total donation of 300 euros had been collected, which has recently been handed over to humedica. This money is to be used in reconstruction projects in Japan, which are currently being planned by humedica and local partners in the country.

humedica would like to thank all the children who so industriously contributed to the campaign, as well as all the pre-school teachers and tutors whose commitment certainly is the reason for this successful result.

Clean room clothes for medical projects

Being a relief organisation focussed on medical emergency and disaster relief, humedica permanently depends on special drugs and materials for implementing the diverse projects in all parts of our earth. This also encompasses clean room clothes: a batch of as good as new clothes has recently been donated to humedica by Vetter Pharma company from Ravensburg.

... but also about the clean room clothes donated by Vetter Pharma company. Photo: private

So-called clean rooms, and also the appropriated clothes, are needed both in manufacturing industries, e.g. in the production of sensitive computer technologies, as well as in medical fields.

An employee at Vetter Pharma had pointed out the worldwide commitment of humedica to the company's Board of Managers and hence had given the incentive for this generous donation of clean room clothes. The total value of this donation in kind amounts to 12,000 euros.

"For our work in medical projects, and this definitely also applies to the field of disaster relief, donations in kind such as this one are immensely important", said humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß, who was highly grateful for the support of the internationally positioned pharmaceutical company from Ravensburg.

At this point, humedica would once more like to thank Vetter Pharma company for this generous donation in kind.

Leipzig prays for Japan

On April 26, the 2UG Club, which is part of the event centre (Veranstaltungszentrum) in the city of Leipzig, organised a charity evening that was special in more than one way.

Under the motto "Pray for Japan", the event was organised for the victims of the tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan.

Two of the event's organisers, Manuel Leinung and Florian Stöckmann, and humedica employees in front of the event centre (Veranstaltungszentrum) Leipzig. Photo: humedica/Daria Napieraj

In a comfortable atmosphere, the guests could inform themselves about humedica and make financial contributions to the organisation's work. Later in the evening, some popular DJs provided musical entertainment.

This event had been initiated by the lemonfaces group GbR, a Leipzig-based start-up company, in order to contribute to relieving the people of Japan from their sorrow and to helping the numerous needy persons.

The initiators intend the takings of the charity evening to be used for the reconstruction measures humedica is planning to implement in Japan.

The fast organisation and realisation of the event was only possible thanks to the substantial and free support of Veranstaltungszentrum Leipzig, some media partners, the DJs, as well as several voluntary assistants.

humedica would like to thank the organisers and all the assistants and sponsors of this event for their active commitment and support.

Software donated by MAGIX

The software and online service provider MAGIX donated an upmarket video editing programme to humedica.

At their Berlin affiliate, Stefan Eschert of MAGIX company handed over the video editing programme to Daria Napieraj of humedica. Photo: humedica/Ruth Bücker

The software has received several awards and provides the user with professional tools for editing video and audio files.

The various integrated functions and additional programmes included in the software will enable humedica to publish video and audio material of higher quality and with better results in future.

The entire humedica team would like to thank MAGIX for this useful donation in kind.

Founders support humedica relief projects in Japan

"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared." Following the principle of this ancient quote by Albert Schweitzer, numerous persons donate part of their wealth to the so-called Sparkassen Bürgerstiftungsfonds (savings bank citizens' donations fund). By doing so, every one of them can set up their own personal foundation.

Dr Thomas Goldschmidt, Director of the savings bank Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen, handed over the founders' donation cheque to humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß. Photo: private

Afterwards, in a way of civic commitment, the founders themselves can decide about the purpose their foundations' money is to be used for. Be it a charity purpose or some other kind of support. In the end, the purpose is always to do good.

In the framework of this year's festive founders' gala, the donations were handed over to their receivers at the premises of Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen. In presence of the founders and guest of the evening, humedica CEO Wolfgang Groß gratefully accepted a cheque of 1000 euros, which will be used in the humedica projects in the field of earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.

Once a year, the savings bank distributes the financial means it manages for the founders to the benefiting institutions and establishments. This year, also humedica was among the 25 organisations whose projects are supported by private foundations.

The entire humedica team would like to express its thanks to all the donors involved, as well as to Sparkasse Neu-Ulm-Illertissen, for supporting our work.

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